👉Discover your confidence in sharing your message

👉Turbo-charge  your speaking skills and taking them to the next level

👉Enhance your impact and influence

This is  for women who are living a life with purpose and who are driven to share what they know with others. Women who want to make a difference in the world. 

These two days will transform the way you speak in public - giving you skills and confidence to find AND use your voice.

❌No more waffling

❌No more forgetting what to say

❌No more worrying that your audience will fall asleep

❌No more slides that make your audience want to stick pins in their eyes


✅you'll engage your audience from the get go

✅you'll be concise, compelling and clear

✅your audiences will understand you and connect with you

✅your audiences will be motivated and inspired by you to take action

What you’ll learn:

🌟How to speak with power so that your message is deeply connected to your inner sense of purpose

🌟How to craft stories and narratives that touch your audience and leave lasting impact with the power to influence change

🌟How to look, sound and feel supremely confident and access an inner resourcefulness that will help you step into the spotlight with a spring in your step

🌟How to deliver in ways which bring your message to life and resonate at the deepest levels of your audience creating a bond

This is for you if

👍You know that you can make a difference but are not sure how to express that in a way that has impact

🙌You are already speaking and just know inside that it is time to raise your game and stop hiding in the shadows

👍You’ve been banging your drum for a while now and recognise it’s time to step into a bigger platform and start speaking to groups

🙌You love this stuff - strutting your stuff and sharing your passion. You also know you want to know how to do it bigger and better

It’s not for you if

❌You’re happy to continue for now to speak one to one or online

❌You’re not willing to be open to feedback and do the work

❌You haven’t yet come to the decision that speaking would add real value to your business and more importantly the difference you are trying to make.

Why come to Phenomenal Woman?

✅Because now is the time to invest in yourself so that you can share loudly and proudly what matters to you and your clients

✅Because now is the time to dust off the cobwebs of Covid lockdown and renter the world of face to face and events and grab the opportunities to stand up, speak up and stand out

✅Because why not now? You are driven. You have purpose It makes sense to unlock the key for others by sharing what you know.

Catherine Sandland is a speaker coach working with people who are ready to stand up and be heard. She’s coached hundreds of people including TEDx speakers so that they can share their message. She delivers one to one tailored coaching so they can stand up at conferences, TEDx events, networking events and in their business and speak up clearly, compellingly and with tons of confidence.

The Phenomenal Woman workshops are specifically designed for women in business with a mission and a desire to be heard.

Meet the Team

Catherine is joined by Ashley Costello, The Resilient Woman, a psychotherapist of over 20 years. Ashley supports the attendees with valuable feedback and a deep understanding of the barriers that get in our way and how we can often, unintentionally, sabotage ourselves

Sue France, a consummate networker and organiser of networking events for women, was someone who benefited from Catherine's training. She knows that learning the skills and building the confidence for public speaking can make a transformational change for women who want to make their difference. Sue joins the workshop as part of the Phenomenal Woman team.