My pleasure map is sure to take your self pleasure from *yawn* to squeal-town!

This is one of my secret sexy tools for the cultivation of bodily pleasure beyond traditional masturbation, which focuses only on your genitals. Instead, this is for mapping a meaningful, full body experience that includes your spirituality, language for sensation, and a space for journaling your noticing. Building a rich, delicious, erotic practice takes relatively frequent, if not daily inquiry. Like practicing a musical instrument or a sport, the more frequently you devote time to it, the better it gets.

Caffyn Jesse about this practice: “We can effect neuroplastic change by noticing and staying with our pleasure, slowing it down, and enriching it with our attention and commitment. Notice what we are feeling in body and soul. Absorb it. Breathe it in. In this way we gradually change the structure of our brains and develop a neurological allegiance to authentic pleasure.”

You DON'T want to miss out on this! My map is usually reserved for long-term clients, but it's TOO GOOD not to share with you, sugar.

xo Claire