Most meetings don't happen in meeting rooms.

Meeting or training rooms with screens and projectors have become the standard location to get people together to share ideas. However, many companies don't have the budget or space for a dedicated audio-visual room. Team meetings are held wherever the group can find a space..

More and more, meetings aren't held in rooms at all—especially with clients. They are often held over a coffee, a meal or a drink, either one-on-one or in small groups. If information needs to be displayed, sharing it typically means using a laptop and rotating the screen between participants.

Everyone has a screen in their pocket or bag. Presentation screens are no longer limited to the front of the room, but can now be shared with every participant—in their hand. You control what they see. It's what PowerPoint would look like if it was invented in the era of Instagram Stories or TikTok.

Pocket Decks are designed to help you in four key ways.

  1. Share your presentation anywhere—without a projector.
  2. Make a BIG impact, on a small screen.
  3. Win over your audience with concise messaging.
  4. Always be ready. Especially for unplanned opportunities.




Pocket Decks was created by André Bello, a veteran corporate trainer, facilitator and keynote speaker. Creating Keynote decks has been his life and he often wakes up in the middle of the night trying to figure out how to do it better. You can find more info on André on his LinkedIn profile.

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New members will be invited to our weekly onboarding Zoom call and added to our WhatsApp discussion group, where we share ideas on presentation design and corporate storytelling. You will also get a peer review of your Pocket Decks to ensure that they have maximum impact on your audience.

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