A girl searches for her beloved cat in this picture book. When Mary can’t find Tucker, her black-and-white feline, Grandma suggests she look outside. The girl visits the meadow,the garden, and even the woods. But Tucker remains missing. Mary encounters wild animals, including birds, a squirrel,and a deer. She asks the critters if they have seen Tucker, but nobody has. In the garden, a mouse suggests that shesearch inside the house. Though doubtful, Mary heads inside and is thrilled to spot Tucker asleep on the rug. She hugs thecat and says: “Now we can play!” Jeffries’ tale features a scenario that pet owners will relate to. Young readers will enjoythe outdoor locales and assorted creatures. The endmatter includes a page titled “How To Find Your Lost Cat” with advicelike “Put out food at your cat’s normal feeding time and call your cat’s name.” There is also a useful list called “How To Bea Responsible Cat Owner” with such tips as “Train your cat to come to the sound of treats or your voice.” Barac’s paintedillustrations portray Mary with light skin and brown hair and offer realistic depictions. The outdoor scenes, such as thegarden with bright blooming plants and flowers in a rainbow of colors and textures, are especially lovely. Indoor images areextremely detailed, with highlights including a patterned rug and Grandma’s kitchen stocked with baking supplies. A beautifully illustrated cat story with helpful tips for feline owners.