Say goodbye to worrying about French on a trip!

Ever wanted to go to France or any other French-speaking country, but stopped yourself because of the language barrier?

Or been there before and couldn't enjoy yourself because you were too busy looking up French words on Google Translate?

Or just can't get enough of the French fun you're about to have with your bilingual journal?

Well, fret no more!

For less than an hour of your time, less effort than it takes to make a cup of coffee, and less than what a typical meal in France costs you...

You'll get from "Pardon?" to "C'est parti!"

Here's your chance to join a short but comprehensive and actionable training aimed at getting your French to a speak-able level.

Delivered in a convenient video format (made available by 31 May), this pre-recorded, implementation-based training contains the essential phrases for travellers wishing to traverse France and other French-speaking countries with ease.

All this for just $9!