Work is not the most crucial thing in life, but still pretty important I’d say! I believe that having a fulfilling career can support us in making our dreams a reality, which is why I’ve been working to build one for myself as well as helping others do that too.

When you work in corporate, you’re expected to be high-performing, adaptable, confident in leading both younger and older colleagues, and also to be able to work effectively internationally. You may need to work remotely with colleagues from various offices around the world, support various global projects, or who knows - maybe even move abroad for work too.

That can be a lot of pressure. Good news is - it’s manageable!

If you’re energised by the idea of growing your international experience and building a truly global career - you’re in the right place.

Project Abroad is designed to help you overcome various challenges you may face in your international corporate career, support you in reaching and nailing the next steps in your professional development, guide you through an international relocation, or even figuring out your aspirations and goals in the first place.

If you’re aware of something, you can do something about it..

Being aware of the common corporate traps and noticing when we fall into them can be really helpful in building a successful international career. Grab the below guide for free to learn:

  • What these 5 common traps are
  • On my example how I overcome them
  • What steps you can take to avoid them

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Download your free guide and learn how to avoid 5 common corporate career traps!

Keen to hear which traps you managed to avoid and how! Looking forward to further supporting you on your international journey ;)

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