Become a magnetic leader through confident speaking

Speak with Confidence Assessment

If you are an expert in your field, but insecurities are holding you back from speaking confidently in all situations, the Speak with Confidence Assessment will help you get crystal clear about what is going well and where there is room for further improvement as a speaker.

Uncover hidden strengths you already have that will help you reach your speaking goals

Does public speaking or sharing your ideas in group settings bring up feelings of stress and overwhelm? 

Do you find yourself avoiding opportunities that could advance your career because they involve speaking or presenting to larger or new audiences? 

Do you worry that your message or delivery isn't having the impact you want to make? 

Whether you are delivering presentations, speaking to groups, or leading your team, you are closer to becoming the confident and impactful communicator you want to be than you think. 

Knowing who you are and what your strengths and growing edges are as a speaker is a powerful first step towards actualizing your potential and acheiving your goals. 


Look and feel confident sharing your knowledge and ideas


Easily adjust to different circumstances and audiences


Deliver clear compelling messages that make an impact

Get insight to help you make an impact across all areas of your role

Public speaking is a muti-faceted skill set. 

You have natural competencies as well as areas of challenge. What you need is a process to help you get crystal clear what those strengths and growing edges are.

The Speak with Confidence Assessment will help you gain that clarity.

During your 45-minute 1:1 Zoom session I will guide you through a fun, easy and supportive self-assessment process. 

I will share tips and ideas to help you move forward. Plus, you will leave with a visual takeaway that clarifies your next steps.

The investment is $150 CAD. It includes the Zoom call and visual map. 

A word from clients who gained the clarity they needed to harness their authentic voice

"It provided so many insights as to how I can improve my speaking ability and confidence. With Dayna's guidance, I identified areas I was already confident with and felt encouraged when we spoke about the areas of improvement. I would 100% recommend this experience. Dayna is an absolute pleasure to work with."
Carlie McKinnon  - Airline Training and Standards

"The session was really enjoyable, and insightful. 45 min flew by! Dayna broke down public speaking into easy-to-understand categories, many of which I haven’t thought of before. The process was easy and I walked away with a clear visual representation identifying strengths and areas of potential improvement which is a great benefit."
Ryan Ziegler  - CTO

"Dayna creates a supportive and tailored learning environment that fosters individual growth. I walked away with valuable insights into my strengths and areas that needed improvement in my public speaking. Dayna’s personalized feedback and guidance helped me focus on enhancing my strengths while addressing my challenges."
Danika McDowell - Art Director + Photographer

About Dayna  

Hi! I'm Dayna Kneeland, your speaking and storytelling coach. It's my joy to help you overcome nerves and speak confidently so you can can grow your career and excell in all areas of your role. 

I work with professionals in corporate, government, industry and non-profit sectors. Whether neurodiverse learners, introverted leaders, talent on the rise, or top executives, my clients have one thing in common. They are industry experts ready to actualize their full potential.  

Originally a stage actor, I have been coaching and teaching for over 25 years and hold my Masters degree in Adult Education.