Free guide! Public Speaking Pro-tips 

Speak, lead and present with confidence so you can grow your career and excel in all aspects of your role.

If you are an expert in your field, but struggling to communicate with confidence across all aspects of your role, here are 6 pro-tips to help you speak with presence, power, and purpose.

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Speak with presence, power & purpose in all situations

Does public speaking or sharing your ideas in group settings bring up feelings of stress and overwhelm?

Do you find yourself avoiding opportunities that could advance your career because they involve speaking or presenting to larger or new audiences?

Do you worry that your message or delivery isn't having the impact you want to make?

Whether you are delivering presentations, speaking to groups, or leading your team, you are closer to becoming the confident and impactful communicator you want to be than you think.

Gaining the skills you need to speak, lead, and present with confidence is a powerful first step towards actualizing your potential and acheiving your goals.

Are you ready to communicate with ease, authenticity and impact, no matter what the situation?

About Dayna  

Hi! I'm Dayna Kneeland, your speaking and storytelling coach. It's my joy to help you overcome nerves and speak confidently so you can can grow your career and excell in all areas of your role. 

I work with professionals in corporate, government, industry and non-profit sectors. Whether neurodiverse learners, introverted leaders, talent on the rise, or top executives, my clients have one thing in common. They are industry experts ready to actualize their full potential.  

Originally a stage actor, I have been coaching and teaching for over 25 years and hold my Masters degree in Adult Education.