Our investment principles core foundation are based on living, complex adaptive systems (CAS). Understanding the wisdom of CAS is essential for addressing global, complex, interconnected crises, as predominant economic principles do not consider human interaction with ecological systems at all.

Our living complex systems investing principles are inspired by the 12 permaculture principles, which are regenerative agriculture and sustainable living principles.

We use permaculture principles as a bridge to link ancient esoteric wisdom with advanced science, technology, and mathematics to explore, develop and finance exciting new innovations that lie at the "edge of chaos."

Ancient and timeless “shamanic wisdom” reminds us how to reconnect with the sacredness and interconnections of all life.

It is no coincidence that new scientific, technological, and mathematical advances such as chaos theory, nonlinear complex systems, quantum science, nonlinear mathematics and newly emergent blockchain technologies are also mirroring this theme of interconnectedness.

This awareness of how the sacred connects to advanced understanding of natural evolutionary intelligence is the essence of how we build and re-architect our global societies.

Our highly integrative and regenerative principles work across all industries.


Examples of Pythia Capital’s Breakthrough Research

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

― Nikola Tesla – Physicist, Inventor, Electrical Engineer 1856 – 1943

  • Quantum and consciousness research with applications across mental health, physical health, new energy technologies, environmental health, and sustainable agricultural systems….
  • New biosensor, electrical and ultrasound technologies that can help in the diagnosis as well as treatment in a variety of clinical areas that are safe, affordable and non-toxic
  • Breakthrough techniques to unlock the power of regenerative medicine
  • Agricultural techniques that improve biodiversity and take advantage of natural sustainable ecosystem patterns and processes
  • Bio-electricity in nutritional supplements, plant-based medicines, and innovative devices
  • Practical applications of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies
  • New evolving science applying energy to solve seemingly intractable environmental problems
  • Cutting edge anti-aging research that links human health with environmental conditions, public health conditions, and socio-economic differences
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer techniques that restore human health without the toxicity and large expense of existing treatments
  • A variety of alternative energy technologies and services


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