Moonshot Investor Club ("MIC")

Direct Investing in Global, Micro-to-Large Capitalization Equities and Blockchain/Crypto Projects Using Our Natural Intelligence Lens 

Global, Micro-to-Large Capitalization Equities:

We use our extensive experience in the small capitalization investment space and our living complex systems principles to offer investment recommendations in micro-to-large-capitalization public companies. 

Using our unique natural intelligence investment principles, we find the diamonds in the rough, misunderstood, oversold, contrarian or off-the-radar global investment opportunities, looking for moonshot or outsourced returns. We work actively with management teams to help them unlock value in ways that are in coherence with our living system investment principles. 

We recently added large capitalization companies to the mix. Even large companies can soar or fall quickly in these liminal space days. Investing during these times requires a strong ability to connect the dots in lateral ways which is our core competence. Most investment analysts are very siloed so that is a big advantage for us. We are also very comfortable in risky, volatile areas. We look in unconventional spaces for insights and at many types of reports and data. Fortunately, the days of having to pay millions for fancy investment reports, even quant reports, are coming to an end, leveling the playing field for MIC members to have some fun during our discussions. 

MIC is limited in numbers of members due to liquidity concerns on the smaller capitalization investment ideas and also to make sure the people are of very high integrity. If you are interested to learn more, email Lynn Marie DePippo at [email protected]


We are also adding crypto recommendations for members of our club since the area fits well with our natural intelligence principles and has had a big sell off following a large bubble. Though this area is risky and volatile, it shares many characteristics with the volatility and risk of the smaller capitalization public equities space. It fits well with our edge of chaos focus at Pythia Capital. We are always seeking the phoenixes emerging from the ashes. 

The Investment Opportunity 

Global, Micro-to-Large Capitalization Equities:

Many private companies were funded at very high valuations over a long period of time. Many stock prices of recent IPOs are under pressure. Inflation is climbing significantly, so the Federal Reserve is now raising interest rates at a time where there are numerous interconnected global crises that are also pressuring companies such as figuring out the “new normal” after the pandemic, war in Ukraine, an energy crisis, global geopolitical instability, concern about climate change, intense polarization in global societies, supply chain shortages, food shortages, increased violence, and corruption in many business, scientific, and geopolitical areas.

Valuations in both private companies and smaller public companies are under pressure. There are large bubbles in many companies across industries that received too much funding during the boom years. After so many years of investors throwing money at popular trends and companies without concern of business model viability, valuation, or execution ability, we are in the beginning stages of a wash out. Some companies will make it, and many will not. Valuations will continue to come down in many overvalued areas in both the private and public markets.

Companies are looking for new ways to raise money and some of them are exploring the public markets, mainly through reverse mergers or merging with SPACs (which was also an area of overfunding, and that money needs to go to work within a certain time frame). Most of these are value traps. There are SEC investigations and some violations of security laws. This was a good example of the madness of the crowds in action as many reputable and good people were swept into this FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) movement. If you are someone that specializes in seeking assets from bankruptcy and feel you can add some value, now might be a time to get creative. There is mainly bottom fisher style predatory money in this world, so just think what could be done with real leadership skills, creative solutions and a desire to enable more phoenixes to rise from the ashes. There are some interesting products, services and technologies caught up in this mania and subsequent dark tower falling moment. 

Also, there is not the institutional know how or support for many micro and small cap companies that there used to be. This space can be highly illiquid and predatory, with many algorithms or internet rumors knocking prices around. The deal terms are often toxic as well which makes it hard to invest in this area.

Nonetheless, Lynn Marie DePippo, our Founder and CEO, has considerable experience in rapidly changing industries, investing in science and technology, and maneuvering through the general ups and downs of the small capitalization public markets.

Some of the companies are early stage but are very interesting. If they find supportive, high-quality investors, they can eventually grow out of this difficult situation. The valuations are quickly becoming much more reasonable in the public markets than they are in the private markets which is really just beginning to deal with the reality of this new environment. 

We look at all sizes of companies and are very theme driven, to make the opportunities interesting but also to hedge investment risks through diversification.  All industries are going through a large amount of creative destruction so the long term skills we developed in smaller, high risks areas are very useful now. 

This is not for investors that are afraid of risks, as the aforementioned multiple crises are very real, but the opportunities are also large. There is the potential of earning venture capital type returns in the public markets but over much shorter time frames.

We focus on recommendations from small-to-large-capitalization, global public companies across industries. We stick to our living system principles. However, since this is the public investing space and these principles in their entirety reflect a world that really does not exist yet, investors do need to understand this is a journey and not a destination. In general, there is far less greenwashing using these principles as applying natural intelligence tends to be brutally honest. If you use our principles correctly, you can figure out where the corruption is occurring and why. Where companies are weak in certain areas, we will highlight it and discuss the issues openly.

We are investors comfortable on the fringe or liminal space to look for new opportunities and new phoenixes to rise from the ashes. Using natural intelligence principles actually helps you find the phoenixes earlier than other people. We leverage our extensive experience and natural intelligence process to connect the dots in unique ways and think systemically. Our process helps to manage risks more proactively. Our process helps investors to think strategically about how to make money by aligning with the mission and purpose of these important companies. That alone separates this group from most investors that invest in smaller public companies. The management teams have a rough time in today's markets, but there are incredible people and ideas mixed in the sea of chaos in the smaller public company area.

We tend to focus on areas of higher risk but also higher reward. Strangely enough, some of the smaller companies in our focus areas have less risk, as they are emergent, less expensive and do not have as much baggage as larger companies that have significant governance issues and have misplaced the trust of global investors. Some small companies are just coming out of a turnaround and others just went public a bit early. Many newly IPO'd companies that were over-funded in herd-like ways by venture capitalists are still value traps, as many do not have a sustainable business model or value proposition. The competition is also fierce as companies were often funded in theme based ways. For the companies that pass our screens, it is harder for them to find high quality investors and that is an opportunity for investors with risk tolerance and integrity. We do love our small capitalization investing but we are also spreading out our interests which is necessary to capitalize on many of the new opportunities. Technology, for example, is moving quickly so limiting our selections by market cap makes less sense. However, it also does not make sense to look only at large capitalization companies as there are many opportunities off the radar of most analysts and investors. 


After a large bubble and subsequent sell off in blockchain and crypto, we are also adding this area to our service as the skill of analyzing and investing in volatile and risky areas is similar, with upside for investors that can be substantial. Our natural intelligence investment principles work well in crypto and blockchain. We offer research and investment recommendations in global blockchain and crypto projects across industries with the highest potential to transform society for more health, vitality, fairness, and empowerment. We take an honest and balanced view of the investment opportunities of this exiting, but volatile, and very risky area. 

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology architecture that enables new efficient, creative and empowering ways of organizing global economic activity through disintermediation of centralized power structures, building new systems of trust that are more organic and aligned with the wisdom of natural congruent systems.

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