Something I've learned during my low-tox journey is that fewer, better choices is actually so FREEING.  

When it comes to finding truly low-tox products, the decision pool gets a lot smaller, more intentional, and yet still full of really great products.  After learning about ingredients from a toxicologist, one who actually focuses on toxicity among hormone disrupters and carcinogens, I realized that too many brands jumping on the 'non-toxic' bandwagon fall incredibly short by still formulating with harmful ingredients that not everyone is talking about yet. 

There is a lot on your plate, and worrying about which products are low-tox and which ones are just greenwashed marketing is not the best use of your time. The LTD is here to ensure you choose safer products every time no matter how little time you have. 

Are you ready to take control of your toxic burden, and stop worrying IF you're products are low-tox, and start feeling Brag-Worthy Confidence that you've got this under control?

Sarah is a couple years away from planning her first pregnancy, but she already understands the value of preparing her body now for the healthy pregnancy and baby she's always dreamed of. 

The Low-Tox Database is her "holy grail hub" for finding any product she's ready to switch. 

Sarah also wanted the 1:1 VIP treatment add-on where I personalize your shopping experience with the LTD, and help you: 

  • tailor the perfect skincare routine, 
  • shop for the right baby products, 
  • find the best household items for your budget and preferences
  • or help you make the right choices based on your current concerns

(This add-on service is completely optional and not required, but can be a great way to get extra support.  You simply check the box at checkout if you want it, you can choose your best time on the booking page or I will be in touch to schedule your VIP call.)