I created Reconnect to You because I became aware very quickly of how effective it was for the women; I work with 1-2-1 both now and in the past.

These simple but effective actions that women were taking every day, were having such a profound effect on their lives!

I have worked with many women since 2010 and in some cases they have suddenly found themselves in alien territory, having been previously confident in their lives, some working in a job they knew they were good at (many holding senior management roles), leading teams of others, enjoying their independence and feeling secure.

Others reached a pivotal time in their life - relationship breakdown, kids starting school or leaving home and got to a point where they questioned if 'this is enough!?' 

Sometimes they were feeling deep rooted guilt, as the life they are living is not fulfilling them as much as they thought it would!

If you've ever thought:

‘What’s wrong with me?’ 

‘This is all I ever wanted, so why do I have all these feelings’ 

‘I have never felt so disengaged with myself’

Then it's time to reconnect with yourself!


Over the period of 5 days, I am going to email you each day, a task which will begin the process of you reconnecting to your authentic self, no holds barred, filters removed!


A conscious desire for change / to show up every day and make each task a priority, by ensuring you carve out time in your day to give this gift to yourself. You may want to buy yourself a beautiful journal/notebook


I would absolutely love for you to come and join my private safe and secure WhatsApp community, in which you can share (should you wish)  as well as support others embarking on this journey too.