Remote Job Coach Project


To enhance the lives and status of people living with an intellectual disability, support families, and advance their human rights and inclusion in the community.


An inclusive Winnipeg where people with intellectual disabilities and their families are valued equally and able to participate fully in all aspects of society.

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Read About the Benefits

With an easy use web interface managing tasks is a breeze. You can add a simple task, checklists, or flipbooks that break complex tasks down to individual steps, detailed instructions, choices, and many more options so the app is tailored to the individual. When it is used in the daily life of an individual they can add supports to help manage the page and input tasks for them. The individual can add tasks as well through the app. An employer can be added as a support and the web interface allows the employer to see how the individual is going about their day. Green check marks will show up on a completed task showing the progress of the day.

The app can structure the individuals routine. This is very beneficial at work and at home. Setting up routines for an individual can help prompt them to the next complex task, and can break those steps down as necessary into easy, single-step tasks.

Using qr code has become standard and with this app we can print out qr codes for tasks that aren't necessarily routine. This individual scans the qr code with the app and it comes up with the steps for the task scanned.

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