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July 25, 6:30pm ET

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Every week I meet smart kids who are comprehending the concepts, studying the material, and still getting disappointing grades.

Parents may conclude their kid is just “lazy” and won’t apply themself, or the problem is with certain subjects, like math.

But neither conclusion may address the REAL root of the problem.

Here’s what I know for sure from decades of working with hundreds and hundreds of high school students:

98% of the time, it’s not really a subject matter difficulty or willingness to try.

It’s an Executive Functioning Challenge.

Executive Functioning is a set of meta-skills that everyone develops at a different pace.

Those with ADHD and learning differences can struggle the most, but MANY neurotypical teens are challenged as well:

  • The way they use their time or organize assignments

  • Anxiety and stress affecting their working memory

  • Getting blindsided by questions on a test because they don’t know how to prepare

Join me for a High Performance in HIgh School: Executive Function Coaching for Teenagers masterclass on July 25th at 6:30pm Eastern. I’ll share:

  • Stories of academic turnarounds

  • How to get to the bottom of different patterns and dynamics

  • About game-changing habits and systems that will enable your kid to perform at their best.

Parents and teens who want to avoid another agonizing school year should use this summer to get ready for the school year ahead. Join me to learn how.

Sheila Akbar, PhD is President & CEO of Signet Education, a full service education consulting company offering holistic support to teens and their families as they navigate high school and the college admissions process. 

Sheila's bright and uplifting perspective on college prep is changing the face of what it means to parent through the high-school-to-college years. With a deep belief in the successful partnership of parents and teens, her influence is affecting student after student and family after family to reach beyond their dreams to new levels of success. She and her team at Signet Education have seen more than 10K students' lives changed through meaningful academic mentorship.

Sheila holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Harvard University and two doctoral degrees from Indiana University.