→ Without spending tens of thousands of pounds

→ Protecting how you do things so the customer experience isn't of a lesser standard

→ Gaining a recognised certification to stand you head and shoulders above the rest

→ Having the assurance of a proven, successful system that's been tweaked and honed by a multi award winning franchisor

→ Without getting it wrong & ending up in hot water legally

Become a Certified Franchisor & SCALE™ your Business Nationally & even Internationally!

Learn how to franchise your business successfully and ethically.

First impressions are everything! I’ll help introduce your franchise business to the market in the right way by communicating the unique selling proposition.

Become a Certified Franchisor now.

The SCALE™ Franchise certification (SCALE™ for short) will provide you with knowledge & skills you need to successfully grow your business globally using a franchise business model.

You will hold a certificate in franchising from a recognised and trusted awarding body.

A body that also accredits training for the prestigious Universities of Oxford and Cambridge as well as the London School of Economics.

This certification demonstrates expertise and commitment to prospective franchisees. It lowers their risk and builds trust increasing your selling power and ultimately the growth of your franchise business.

Let's just pause and appreciate that for a moment.

Not only will you know everything you need to franchise your business but you will have the power to sell more territories too.

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

Source the CPD Certification Service

To summarise, the SCALE™  Franchise programme meets and exceeds all expectations of quality and integrity...

High Level of Expertise

Being a certified franchisor demonstrates you are an expert to people looking to buy a franchise. If you were doing your due diligence before buying a franchise, you would look at several options. Wouldn't you want to choose the franchisor who was actually qualified?

Committed & Dedicated

Your prospective franchisees will see you as a trusted and credible franchisor. You have clearly demonstrated your commitment and dedication to your brand, and therefore their future businesses, through the completion of the SCALE™ Franchise programme.

Firm Ethical Foundations

Having the skills and knowledge toolboxes that SCALE™ provides you with will give you the platform to springboard from for the next decade and beyond. You will have a "bigger picture" 10 year plan for your franchise to reassure new franchisees coming in that your franchise is a safer investment than others.

Just imagine how many more people your business will be able to help through franchising...

Become a Certified Franchisor now.


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What is SCALE?

SCALE™ Franchise Programme is a holistic way of franchising your business that provides you with ALL the jigsaw puzzle pieces you need.

You will learn the key components and how to achieve them for you and your future franchisees, both in the UK and abroad should you wish to grow globally.

SCALE™ stands for:


  • Discover exactly what systems and processes you need in place
  • How to put them together
  • Where to store them properly


  • Who to have "on your bus"
  • Where & how to grow your own franchise community
  • What support to provide your community with


  • Franchisor business plans & cashflow forecasts
  • Pilot franchisee business plans & cashflow forecasts
  • The "bigger picture" marketing plan & sales strategy


  • What options there are available to you
  • Protecting your business
  • Future proofing legally


  • Developing a feedback system for your pilot franchisees
  • What areas should you self critique
  • How to incorporate franchise feedback successfully

This programme is written by multi award winning franchisor and franchise consultant Jo Middleton. Jo walks the walk and doesn't just talk the talk, having franchised her own businesses and also used the SCALE™ Franchise System with her 1:1 clients to set them up for success in the franchising world.

Franchising a business can seem like a minefield.

Just knowing who to trust that isn't going to rip you off can be scary.

SCALE™ helps you have absolute clarity and vision on where you are now to where you want to go and shows you how to get there.

Quite often business owners don't know where to start with franchising their business.

Or they go through the process spending tens of thousands of pounds and come out not knowing how to sell franchises or who their prospective franchisees are.

SCALE™ provides you with everything you need to know, supports you in taking the actions and gives you ongoing learning.

Not only that, you instantly have a fabulous network in your peers. They will become your new biggest cheerleaders willing you to succeed all with different backgrounds, contacts and skillsets.

As a certified franchisor with SCALE™, franchising your business is no longer a mountain to climb and makes it easily achievable for you.

Become a Certified Franchisor now.


Become a Certified Franchisor now.

SCALE™ Franchise Certification

This is the first time I have ever made my core framework for franchising your business available.

SCALE™ encompasses everything and takes nothing for granted.

Here's how it looks:


Operation Manuals

How to write your Operations Manual (the nuts and bolts of successfully running your business) and what to include to set your franchisees up to successfully run your business in their areas without watering it down or compromising your business.


Territory Mapping

What can and can't be done by a franchisee in their territory (the area you allow them to run their business in) and how to map out territories successfully.


Franchise Prospectuses

First impressions count and this is often the first detailed information someone interested in becoming a franchisee will see. You will learn exactly what to include and what graphics to use.


Franchisee Training Plan

Building the correct system to train your new franchisees means that you will be doing the leg work once and you can roll it out time and time again.


Successfully Onboarding Franchisees

This is a golden nugget that I see consistently under achieved. Having a robust onboarding process including all the elements in this module will help them hit the ground running and expedite your franchisees becoming brand advocates.


Business Plans & Cash Flow Forecasts

Building out the business plans and cashflow forecasts not just for your head office franchise business but also for your prospective franchisees too.


Where to find Franchisees

Profiling your ideal franchisees using my 4 P's system and accurately finding where they hang out online and offline in bulk so can get in front of them in groups.


Franchise Community

The importance of a community for both you, your franchisees and your prospective franchisees and how to build them successfully.


Franchisor Marketing Strategy

Building a robust marketing strategy, defining your franchise business long term goals and how to expedite them through your distinct and sustainable marketing strategy.


Franchisee Recruitment Strategy

Building your franchisee sales funnel and what to incorporate on Discovery Days.



What exactly each legal document in franchising is, when you need them during your franchising journey.



What to measure, how to get the right feedback and incorporate it to grow your franchise whilst maintaining your wellbeing and work/life balance.

To gain your Certification I will guide you through how to complete your exam to achieve accredited and certified franchisor status.

To make sure that you have all the support (and more!) that you need to gain your certificate, for the duration of your SCALE™ programme you will also be privy to:

  • an exclusive Facebook group where you can share and learn together. You will have unlimited access to me and your fellow students to ask as many questions as you have (no such thing as a silly question.)

  • ongoing support for 4 weeks after your programme ends to hand hold you through the submission of your exam.

Together you will work through the modules and complete the steps to gain your Certification.

Become a Certified Franchisor now.


Royalties being paid in to your business every month

✅ Waking up to an inbox full of enquiries from prospective franchisees

✅ Changing people lives by giving them the opportunity to run their own business doing something they love

✅ Winning prestigious franchise awards

✅ Helping many, many more people with your services or products.

✅ Seeing your business model running all over the country

✅ Enquiries coming in from abroad!

I achieved all of this and more through franchising my business using SCALE™.

Become a Certified Franchisor now.

Working with Jo


Flexible ways to pay

There are three buying options – in full, over four months and over twelve months.  I know that franchising your business is an investment that you have carefully considered and so I wanted to make payment plans that would work for all budgets.

Meet Jo Middleton...

I took that franchise nationwide and am just piloting another.

I provide employment opportunities for many.

I own several franchise territories for another brand. This helps me see things from both a franchisor and a franchisee perspective.

I’ve won numerous awards, been quoted on FORBES, appeared on a television panel, been featured as a case study in Alison Edgar MBE’s best selling book “Smash It!”, had countless media articles and been on the radio a few times too.

I am proof that you can do this with your business too.

But you can do it with expert knowledge on tap and gain a recognised and highly respected qualification in the process.

I’ve got a wealth of first hand industry information to share. I walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk.

Since 2007 I’ve been studying the habits of successful entrepreneurs. I have even been coached and mentored by some of the world's leading business coaches and property developers including world class franchisor Mr Action Coach himself, Brad Sugars.

You never stop learning and learning should always be made fun! Death by powerpoint delivered by a monotone man in a grey suit is a no-no in my eyes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I can't wait to work with you on your business ❤️

Become a Certified Franchisor now.

The Small Print

  • Trainings drop in to your training platform weekly on Thursdays at 10am GMT for 12 weeks from 11th April 2024.

  • Trainings vary in length depending on the content you need.

  • The peer support community is based in a Facebook Group

  • The membership area is based in Google Workspace.

  • On the Tuesday after each training at 10am there is a Zoom call to go through any questions you have. The first call is on Tuesday 16th April 2024.

  • Certification is awarded within 28 days of the submission of a successful final online assessment which sits on a Google Form.

  • The cost of marking your assessment and your Certification is included in the programme fee.

  • Jo is not a solicitor or a financial advisor and does not give any legal or financial advice.

  • You will need to work with a solicitor to get your franchise legal documents drawn up (Jo can give you recommendations of ones she has worked with).

  • You don’t have to complete an assessment at the end of the programme, however, certification will not be awarded if no assessment is received.

  • Your assessment must be completed within 4 weeks of the final session of your programme.

  • If your assessment is not at a passable standard, you may resit the assessment within 2 weeks of receiving your assessor feedback.

  • All those who pass certification will be given the opportunity to join Franchising Made Easy membership with a 25% discount for the lifetime of their membership.

Become a Certified Franchisor now.