This seven lessons online course is specifically designed to lead you through a journey of self-discovery by introducing some basic self-coaching skills, following the path of your seven major energy centers of the self I call jewels.*

Jewels are centers of energy that receive, transform and distribute the universal life force throughout the body. As such, these jewels play an important part in our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Every seven days, you will receive a lesson that will take you on a journey to help you understand these energy centers that shape and condition your life. Give yourself a complete and integrative experience by answering the reflection questions within each lesson.

With the help of this training, you will discover your innermost realms and uncover core hidden barriers that are preventing you from achieving enduring inner peace, healthy relationships, and improved awareness. This training gives participants access to a quick and powerful process that may be used to identify and get rid of unresolved feelings, limiting beliefs, and toxic patterns.


Lesson 1: Limiting Beliefs
Lesson 2: Creativity
Lesson 3: Individuality
Lesson 4: Love
Lesson 5: Truth
Lesson 6: Reality
Lesson 7: Mind, Body and Spirit Alignment

*Jewels is another name for Chakras. I have always seen chakras as different color gems as a symbolic of overcoming the material world and look into our suffering by connecting with true essence that lives within each of us as a way to obtain spiritual evolution and wisdom.

May you enjoy self-exploration of the Seven Jewels of The Soul!

Enjoy the course! 


Dr. Yoli