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process more inclusive and engaging?

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Does this sound like you?

✅You are not sure if your recruitment process is fair and transparent
✅ You keep attracting the same people for roles advertised

✅ You want to attract and retain candidates from a range of backgrounds but don’t know how

 This guide will help you to:

  • Create the role and job description
  • Advertise the role effectively
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Set up an interview process & panel selection
  • Make a decision strategically

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What SLS 360 clients say:

Dan Earley - Head of Haringey Music Service

We worked with SLS 360 to support us with our recruitment process and Sam’s advice and support enabled us to not only fill the role but scrutinise our practice to be fair and inclusive and support our new appointee to thrive in the role.

Sharon Broughall, CEO BEAT.

Sam has been invaluable in helping us better understand how we can recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Her work with BEAT has made a significant difference to the way the organisation thinks about recruitment and our overall understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion. Having someone who could help us to take a step back, consider where we are, where we need to be and how we can get there, has really helped us to structure our thinking. Her thoughtful questioning and listening skills helped me personally, to clarify ideas and consider my options in a supportive and gently challenging environment.

Bridget Mark, CEO

Sam is working with Music Mark to support both the charity and its membership to better understand and take action to address diversity in the context of music education. Her knowledge and personal experiences means she is has an excellent skill-set to provide consultancy in this important area of work which we hope will have a significant impact on the governance, workforce and most crucially the music education of UK’s children and young people. Her work to date for us has been excellent and we are excited to be working with her this year to expand and act on the pilot research she has done.