Included in the Solopreneur Site Scan ⬇️

Receive a specific, detailed & comprehensive report

💡Affirmations           💡Recommendations           💡Opportunities

Solopreneur Site Scan Focus Areas

Clarity & messaging

☑️ Clear who you are and what you  do?

    ☑️ Obvious who your audience is?

    Ease of use

    ☑️ Navigation & readability

    ☑️ User friendly


    ☑️ Attractive, enticing & positive

    ☑️ Relevance of content with purpose


    ☑️ Branding - colour scheme, fonts

    ☑️ Layout and flow


    ☑️ Standard pages required of industry

    ☑️ All information required for audience


    ☑️ Proofreading all written content

    ☑️ Checking for recency of information


    On top of all the juicy goodness above get these 3 important, additional elements in your  Solopreneur Site Scan ⬇️

    Mobile-friendly check

    ☑️ Translate well for mobile viewing?

    Links check

    ☑️ All internal, external & social links

    Graphics check

    ☑️ Appropriate, on-brand & engaging


    Flat rate - $100 per page

    ☑️ The scan includes forward-facing menu pages and a sample of repeat-style pages such as blog posts or product pages up to a maximum of 10 pages. 

    🏷️ Staged pricing is available - break the project into a maximum of 3 stages for completion and payment.

    💲Low-risk guarantee - 50% of first payment will be refunded after completion of Stage 1 (2 pages scanned) if you don't see the value in continuing with the Solopreneur Site Scan. 

    Limited Availability

    ⚡Only a small number (< 10!) of these bookings are made available every few months. 

    Don't find yourself waiting in line for the opportunity to elevate and enhance your website - one of the most vital tools in your business.

    🙋🏻‍♀️ A solopreneur myself, I take the time to do a thorough scan of your website and provide you with comprehensive feedback!