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Traditional Networking Isn't Working

So we created our State of the Wedding Industry Mastermind Forums


You can't have deep connection without deep conversation. But it can be awkward or near impossible to get strangers to open up to you. We help you dive deep quickly and easily.


A business card doesn't compel anyone to refer you. And even if they do, they don't know enough to refer the right clients. When people know you, they can refer you for the right work.


Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. Knowing what and how to move forward faster in the right direction saves you time, money and headaches - not to mention it's more fun with others cheering you on.


Please make sure you arrive a little before 1pm so you don't miss anything!

1pm-1:15pm: Registration/Welcome

1:15pm-2pm: Panel Discussion

2pm-2:15pm: Small Group Intros

2:15pm-3pm: Large Group Forum

3pm-4pm: Open Networking


Upcoming Dates/Locations

PC: Ash Dingess

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Past locations:

Chicago, Washington DC, Brooklyn, Toronto, Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Raleigh, Brooklyn, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville

Future locations: Tell us where you want us to come!

Aug 20, 2024


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