Launching March 2024...


An empowering & uplifting 8 week 1:1 Mindset, Confidence & Self-Belief Coaching Programme

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🔦 It’s time to step into your own spotlight, get clear on what you want and build the confidence and strategies to become the leading lady in your own life

⭐Together we will go from self-doubt to confident success! 

⭐Can't quite see your own potential? Well I can see it in you and during the 8 weeks of working together in this unique 1:1 programme I know that you will be able to see it to!

⭐You are capable of achieving all the things you desire (even if you don't quite know what those are yet!) 

⭐You have everything you need already within you and together we will unlock your potential!

⭐Within Spotlight we will get clarity on just what it is you want, remove beliefs that are blocking you, start dreaming big, learn to prioritise yourself, build your self-confidence and learn tools and strategies for dealing with those inevitable setbacks and disappointments!

⭐Spotlight is for the woman who doubts your own potential and abilities, who lacks the confidence to truly step into your authentic self and who is fed up of playing small or making the same mistakes over and over!

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Would you like to be one of my beta testers?

I'm looking for 3 lovely ladies to come into this programme before it officially launches at a significantly reduced price in return for some feedback to help me shape the programme to how I can best support my clients!

When the programme launches the full price will be £800 but I have three beta tester spots available for just £450 each! If you'd like to be considered, simply enter your details below...