Welcome to the 1st SpringXperience - 

Freelearning and Freeliving in Northsardinia.

From 07.-22. April 2023 we are opening an experience field and

meeting space in the region of Gallura.

An event to co-create, enjoy, learn, experience and connect.

Enjoy various offers, workshops and events for children, adults or the whole family.

A great opportunity to get to know the region, nature and people as the workshops and events will take place in different locations here in the North of Sardinia.

Let's co-create together! We are happy to receive your workshop offers and get you involved in our program. If you like to perform or present an activity or workshop.

Please, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • A few sentences about you and your workshop/activity/offer
  • Target group (age group from… to …for children and teenagers / adults / or if it is open for everyone to join)
  • Minimum and maximum number of participants
  • Please specify if the workshop will be offered for free or otherwise, what the costs will be per participant or family
  • Please specify if a certain Infrastructure will be needed

We are particularly happy about workshop offers in the field of creative and free learning for children and young adults (outdoors, crafts, experiments, technology, movement).

Deadline for the workshops will be 30th of March

Ticket categories/ organisational fees:

Organisational fee per family: 50,00 EUR

Reduced Organisational fee: 35,00 EUR
(applies for single parents with kids / for a single person / for families and people, that are offering at least one activity or workshop during the festival)

Free-single-trial workshop pass
If you would like to take part in a single event or workshop, there is no organisational fee to pay, but you have to register yourself.

The ticket price includes community events, like the kick off, get together events and open meeting points to connect and exchange with other families and visitors of the festival.
There will be extra costs for workshops and special events.
Workshops will be offered in English or in German.

After you have booked your ticket, you will receive a link for an exclusive Telegram group which will allow you to connect with other families and visitors of the SpringXperience.
You can use the group to organise beach meetings, or organise car sharings to the workshop offers in other locations.

The SpringXperience program is subject to change.
The schedule will be updated regularly, as more and more workshops will be added in the weeks leading up to the festival.

Additional information:

Where to stay close to the Workshop & Event Hotspots:


    Seagull Island, Isola dei Gabbiani Camping (Porto Pollo)


    Sosta Area Camper "Bona Vida"

    +39 320 900 3797


    Overnight parking:

    Porto pollo parking (Camper, also overnight)

    Area Sosta Camper


    Air BnB's in the region of:

    Porto Pollo, Bassacutena, Luogosanto, Palau, Santa Theresa, Aglientu