Is this you? 

Answered  with YES at least to one of the above?

Then the Healing Chamber membership site is just what you need! 

There are two sides to this membership, to connect both with Your Human & Soul Self, to understand, unlock & celebrate your true nature and heal your wounds with expert advice:

1)  The only member access part of my website, where you get content I have created over a decade for healing, self- and spiritual development, and you can cruise through it at your own pace 

2) A like-hearted community for women, a possibility for you to connect with others, like you, and access my monthly live streams in a closed group on Facebook

If you are a Hermit, and would like to learn about the Land of The Soul on my website and keep yourself to yourself, only soaking up the positive vibes in a group that's perfectly fine too.


Hi, I am Eva, Spiritual Guide, Natural Healer & Soul Artist, bridging the Physical and the Spiritual. I have been working in the holistic healing arena for more than a decade with amazing women from all walks of life. 

To help them become their brilliant self, I have developed my own method, which is a unique mix of Energy Healing, Law of Attraction coaching and Soul work. 

I can't wait to connect with you. 


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