The Balanced Life Coach

Are you a working parent struggling to balance it all ?  

Being a working parent can be an overwhelming and all-consuming task.

If you’re looking for a place to get advice on how to balance it all – from the emotional toil of working and parenting, organizing & structuring your life, building a support system, prioritizing your time at home and at work, asserting parenting needs at work, and reclaiming your identity 

– then you need join my "Stress Less" community!

In my "Stress Less" community will you will get 

exclusive & personalized tips for 

organizing & structuring your day to day

building a support system

prioritizing time at home and at work

asserting your parenting needs at work

reclaiming your identity

as well as other topics.

Connect with like-minded individuals who are going through the same struggles and learn how to manage and balance your life with tips from our experienced panelists. 

I want you to feel supported during these challenging times.

Join this exclusive community of working parents today! !!!!

Yes, I want to in on this amazing community of parents who are looking to balance their life!!!