Take Back Your Sundays. Embrace Calm, Creativity, and Clarity

Starts on 7/7

Do your Sundays look like this?

If these sound familiar, you're not alone.

Many of us suffer from the "Sunday Scaries," the anxiety that prevents us from enjoying our Sundays, because we're preoccupied with thoughts about the upcoming week.

Take Back Your Sundays

Join us for the Sunday Scaries Circle and turn your Sundays from a source of stress into a time of peace and preparation

Together, we can create supportive routines that help manage stress and embrace the week ahead with calm and clarity.

Sign up now to reserve your spot and start your journey towards a more balanced and mindful life. 

Why Join the Sunday Scaries Circle?

  • Mindfulness and Focus: Engage in guided journaling sessions that help you stay present.
  • Restorative Practices: Gentle movement activities designed to relax your body and restore your energy.
  • Supportive Community: Join a group of like-minded individuals for mutual support and encouragement.
  • Sustainable Routine: Stay on track with your self-care practice. 

What is it?

It is a unique offering designed for those who experience uneasiness and anxiety about the upcoming week. 

This supportive group meets on Sunday afternoons to combine the calming practices of journaling and mindful movement, providing a structured way to find peace and focus.

This two-part approach includes:


📌 Slow down your thoughts and focus through longhand writing

📌 Experience a less intimidating form of meditation that makes it easier to connect with your mind


📌 Engage in gentle movements - slow flow, restorative, yin yoga

📌 Move in a supportive, non-competitive environment where rest and break are highly recommended


7/7, 7/14, 7/21, 7/28
4pm PST

(7pm EST)
1 hr


Recording will be available and will not expire



How it works?


📌 Helps slow down thoughts and focus

📌 Develops a deeper connection to your thoughts and creativity

📌 Provides a sense of clarity and calm that carries over into daily life


📌 Allows you to move at your own pace, tuning into your needs

📌 Creates a supportive space that encourages relaxation and presence

📌 Helps release physical tension and gain mental clarity


📌 Emphasizes staying present and being mindful of your body

📌 Teaches acceptance and patience, fostering less reactive approach to life's demands

📌 Encourages balance, teaching you to find equilibrium in both body and mind.

This is your opportunity to create new routines and rituals with a supportive group that doesn't require a lot of social energy.

By incorporating yoga's teachings, which emphasize staying present and being in our bodies, this new ritual will help us prioritize our efforts and remain grounded in the moment.

Who's teaching?

Yoga has been a vital part of Sue's life since 2011. After experiencing burnout from her corporate job, she committed to a dedicated practice that brought her calm and balance.

Sue encourages students to honor their uniqueness and develop personal practices, focusing on the subtle nuances of asanas and customizing them to each student's needs. She believes yoga props are invaluable tools.

Sue holds a 200-hour certification from Nandi Yoga and a 300-hour certification from Jason Crandell. She has studied with Lisa Becks, Hana Raftery, and Courtney Ronca, and is currently mentored by Alexandria Crow and Toni Cupal.


I tend to worry in advance, and if I try to tackle the Sunday Scaries early, I can see myself creating Saturday Scaries! My hope is to fully enjoy Saturday and use this offering as an anchor to look forward to Sunday 💗

Enter code 50OFF to get a 50% scholarship. These discounts are provided to support accessibility to the class, not because I need less financial income. Choose this option if it aligns with your needs.

Writing and yoga complement each other, with writing serving as a mental inventory to organize thoughts and emotions, and yoga as a physical inventory to calm our system down. Together, they create a balanced routine that promotes overall mindfulness.

If you have more questions, please feel free to email Sue for questions!

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