5 ½ ways to hold accountability within your team 

without managing them like a corporate 

(or them thinking you’re a d**k!)

You know that you want:

✔️ Things to get done, in the way both you and your clients expect them to be.

✔️ Deadlines to be respected

✔️ Goals to achieve

✔️ Business growth to happen as a consequence.

You know you don’t want:

❌ To get drawn back into the day to day

❌ To feel like you have to micromanage your team

❌ To feel responsible for EVERYTHING

❌ To feel like you’ve lost control of YOUR business.

We get it and we’ve been there. 

There’s a real lack of guidance out there in terms of how to do this right within an entrepreneurial business, as opposed to a corporate. That’s what we’re here to give.

In the webinar, we’ll be walking you through how to:

1. Get clear on your team culture and your expectations

2. Hire with accountability in the game from the start

3. Set up easy daily hacks to stay connected

4. Have the balls to call it out if something's misaligned

5. Accept that not everyone will be in your team forever

6. Deal with your sh*t about people leaving.

Then if you want us to support you in that process, we'll let you know what that looks like too.