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Have you had enough of the same old routine, day in & day out? 

Or perhaps you've got a shite load of killer ideas just begging to be turned into money-making magic?

We absolutely feel you. #beenthere🙌

The never-ending cycle of monotony, the relentless routine, the constant longing for more – we've been there too. 

Are you done with feeling stuck? and you're hungry as hell to reclaim your identity, step fully into f**king power, and create financial & Time freedom?

YES? Brilliant, It's high time to kick that same sh*t different day to the curb and dive headfirst into a world bursting with endless possibilities! 🌟

Welcome to The Digital Hive Hub – Your Ultimate community of like minded Digital Entrepreneurs just like you making it happen for themselves.

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm, frustration, and confusion that comes with starting and growing a digital product business? 

If you're laying awake or constantly scrolling for the next shiny object & your chance at financial/time freedom and a chance to rediscover yourself, then The Digital Hive Hub Membership is your freaking cheer squad 📣 

Let's reignite your passion, embrace your potential, and create the life you've always wanted. Join us, because you deserve a future that's bursting with excitement and possibilities.

Come & Meet Your Mentors!
Mia & Kristen know where it's at, after successfully generating 
6 figures in their Businesses they know what it takes to be ambitious and unapologetic AF when it comes to what
you want.

Hi I'm Mia Steel, a Mum of 2 and former burnt out Ambo who managed to go from working 14 hour night shifts to earning 6 figures online with affiliate marketing and content creation (in under 12 months!) - and I want to help you do that too!

Hey I am Kristen Werner, a Mum of 2 & a Brand and Marketing expert, with over 20yrs in the Biz & 10 years Online. I am so freaking passionate about helping women, just like you, nail your brand online, blow up your socials and feel like the confident boss online that you want to be!

Unlock Your Digital Badassery 😆 with The Digital Hive Membership!

Alright, if you're itching for a digital adventure and tired of the same old boring sh*t, listen up! The Digital Hive Membership is where it's at, we promise that we will help you BEE 🐝 DIFFERENT 

🚀 What's Inside The Digital Hive: 🚀

1️⃣ Access to a DYNAMIC PLR Library with our Digital Product Master Plan: Not only do you get access to an ever growing library of resources BUT you can also rebrand and sell them as your own! With the magic of Private Label Rights you can save yourself a butt load of time and sell our resources and receive 100% profits!  We've got your back when it comes to selling these bad boys with our badass roadmap The Digital Product Master plan! It's your ticket to becoming a digital product maestro, with no bullsh*t.

2️⃣ Monthly Wisdom from Cool AF Speakers: We're talking about speakers who drop knowledge bombs that'll blow your mind (get ready to hit this emoji often 🤯). They're not your typical speakers; they're the ones you didn't even know you f*cking needed to hear from. Get ready for inspiration on steroids!

3️⃣ Chill Self-Paced Training: No more freaking one time courses (that we know don't get finished!). Our training modules are as flexible as your favourite pair of trackies. Learn when you want, at your own pace – no pressure.

4️⃣ Weekly Group Coaching Ragers: You've got questions? We've got answers. Join our weekly group coaching calls, and let's chat. No judgment, just real talk. It's your chance to get unstuck and kick some digital ass!

5️⃣ Kickass Community: Join over 100+ kickass women and men in business inside our Membership. It's not just a community; it's your squad. Connect, network, learn, and have a blast together. We've got your back, always.

6️⃣ Loads of Cool Sh*t: Need help or resources? We've got loads of cool sh*t – tools, support, you name it. We're all about your success, and we won't stop until you're f**king thriving.

7️⃣ The Roadmap and PPM modules: Ever heard of those Master Resell Rights courses that are all the rage on social media right now? The Roadmap and Passive profits Millionaire are buzzing right now and well, we bought them and have put the course material inside the Hive! No need to purchase the courses yourself (unless of course you want to resell them!), simply come into the community and consume all of the course modules at your own pace! 

Ready to own your digital journey in 2023?

The Digital Hive Membership is where you become a digital badass. Join the hive, where your digital dreams turn into epic reality. 🚀👩‍💻

Yeah that's cool BUT...

💸 I've already bought multiple courses, I can't afford it!

Totally understandable! We get that courses can be exy AF, which is why we have the option to pay monthly starting at just $49/month. That's $12.25 per week....2 x Large Almond Latte's! PLUS we have an affiliate program, so you can actually earn money while you learn inside our membership!

😩 I've tried everything and failed, how is this going to be any different?

Just because you have failed up until now does not mean that you are destined to fail! You could be ONE "Aha" moment away from having a monumental breakthrough. The Digital Hive Hub isn't just a course, it's a community of like minded people that support and lift one another up...a hub FULL of men and women with knowledge from so many different areas that understand a community is one of the most important aspects of entreprednurail success.

🤯 I'm already overwhelmed...I don't need more information

Do you think that all successful entrepreneurs stopped learning once they reached their goals? Nope! The learning NEVER ends and continuous growth is part of their journey. Overwhelm is when you don't know what to do with the information that is presented to you and this is where a community is so important to your success. Not only do we provide you with the tools we have used ourselves to see success, but we are like a mentor in your pocket when you need help articulating the information you absorb. We help you to SIMPLIFY the information to prevent the overwhelm, so you can move the needle forward.

🫣 I can't commit to a monthly membership!

Ahh commitment issues hey! Could this have anything to do with not being able to make a commitment to YOURSELF to actually achieve your goals no matter what!? A fear of failure? Maybe even a fear of success? If you struggle to commit to investing in yourself and getting the help you need to succeed, it's going to be a hard ride to the top. We have an eject button if you need, however you showing up each month to GET SHIT DONE with a group of amazing hustlers is proving to yourself that you mean BUSINESS! We're all about accountability here in The Hive!


I need help! Get me in to the Hive!