love notes to reality

the little things

season 2

In an environment of bombastic knee-jerk reactions, we could use a little more nuance & attention to the glorious details of daily life.

What are the little things? Here are a few from past issues!

A long floppy-eared dog sniffing voraciously around the grass before forcefully and joyfully diving headfirst to roll around in it!

Habitually trailing your fingers through a rosemary bush by the sidewalk. Enjoying the lingering scent upon your fingertips

The exact moment at which street lamps simultaneously come alive at dusk.

A young boy clomping energetically past a brand-new Viking Waffles storefront, then doing a double take back to exclaim “WAFFLES!!!”

A little kid in a theater letting out an exuberant "YES!!!" in the middle of the movie! (The good gal conquered the bad guy! Woohoo!)

Tearing the perfect length of double-sided tape and placing it down in perfect evenness without a wrinkle nor a crinkle!

Melancholy music for a melancholy mood.

Sinking your fingertips into meltingly soft blanket.

Finding $10 in the pocket of a pair of pants you almost never wear!

a little sampling