Welcome to Pythia's Edge of Chaos Community (EOC)

Dive into Our Unique Delphian intelligence, Uncover Exciting Edge Entrepreneurial Opportunities, and Gain Valuable Investment Insights that Align with Living Complex Systems

Why EOC? 

Learn investing principles guided by living complex systems and natural intelligence

Discover unique Delphian business, technology and investing intelligence to navigate the complexities of our ever-changing world

Navigate global crises with confidence to gain a deep understanding of the interconnected factors that shape our world, allowing you to make informed decisions even in uncertain times

Find kindred spirits who embrace divergence

Explore liminal spaces for breakthrough innovation and valuable investing insights across all industries with specific examples of how our living system investing principles apply in public companies, private companies, and blockchain/crypto projects. 

Meet interdisciplinary entrepreneurs developing exploratory innovations and services that help restore empowerment and sovereignty to all people

Explore the interconnections between ancient esoteric wisdom, living complex systems, and advanced science/technology to challenge the status quo by integrating fringe ideas and divergent perspectives into your decision-making process

Illuminate layers of business and investment risks hard to see with other approaches

Tune in to our thought-provoking interviews with experts who offer interdisciplinary perspectives related to our trends intelligence and living systems principles

Participate in live, unrecorded, 'off the record' discussions and networking opportunities led by the Pythia Capital Management Team and our collaborators

Learn how to see through narratives and hidden agendas that negatively affect our diverse members

Learn how our living systems principles naturally reduce friction for a more collaborative relationship between edge entrepreneurs and visionary investors 

Learn to integrate nature's complex systems intelligence to redefine innovation, entrepreneurship, and investing

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Who We Are

At EOC, we bring together a diverse group of individuals who share a passion for exploring new entrepreneurial opportunities and pushing the boundaries of innovation. 

Connect with like-minded fringe entrepreneurs, polymaths, cross-disciplinary thinkers, visionary investors, and Delphian wisdom seekers.

Our Approach 

EOC's Delphian intelligence leverage's nature's intelligence and is designed to be flexible, helping members innovate, adapt, learn, and grow through challenging times. 

We integrate ancient esoteric wisdom, regenerative living systems principles, and modern innovation as a core foundation of our living systems principles.

We are hopeful EOC can help members better align systemic value and systemic risks on their business and investment projects. Our research can help members better navigate the chaos and uncertainty of these times by sorting through information overload, finding new opportunities and risk managing their businesses and investment portfolios.

You will find plenty of practical value, as we discuss micro themes and trends that are highly material to our diverse members as we integrate information across industries regarding today's rapidly changing landscape. We also discuss specific public companies, private companies, and blockchain/crypto projects as part of our themes and trends that are coherent and incoherent with our living complex investing principles and what that may mean for investors and entrepreneurs. 

We discuss companies or projects that have interesting and important products or services, but are constrained in some way due to complex macro or micro factors with the intention of using our living complex systems principles to brainstorm about how to break through the obstacles.

We look for breakthrough opportunities that are only possible to discover in the liminal spaces. You do not find these possibilities following the herd. The chaos is everywhere these days, but most business leaders and investors stick to old strategies and inflexible structures that are not optimized for these volatile times. Too much creativity is lost and it is more difficult to rapidly pivot when necessary.

We include interdisciplinary interviews, discussions and networking opportunities to create more value for our diverse members.

Our entrepreneurial members have a chance to share their edge innovation ideas with our members and get support and feedback. 

Why Divergent Thinking is Essential Now

The beauty of living complex system principles is that they attract the most creative, innovative, high integrity, fringe thinkers, scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs in the world. However, investors also need to be aligned with living system principles to take advantage of these exciting new opportunities and meet the complex, emerging needs of society.

EOC's Delphian intelligence leverages the wisdom of nature's intelligence and is designed to be flexible to help our members better innovate, adapt, learn and grow through these challenging and turbulent times. 

EOC's Delphian intelligence integrates ancient esoteric principles, regenerative living principles and modern innovation as a core foundation of how our living systems principles work.

This is not for the linear mind that likes to play it safe with consensus views and group think.

In a nutshell, we are divergent in the best sense of the word. This is where all the magic happens.

How EOC Members Work Safely at the Edge of Chaos

Aligning with nature's complex intelligence is the best way to work safely on the edge where opportunities are endless but are also full of risks, some obvious and some hidden under false light narratives.

The edge is where you find the people removed from society's silos, hierarchies and rigid belief systems. You find a natural diversity that is not forced, conversations that explore new interrelationships, perceptions and interconnections, and a bottom up, highly creative process for generating new ideas. Best of all, you find people tolerant of diverse views and opinions.

We use nature's complex intelligence to find opportunities with higher intrinsic value and strong return potential. 

Visionary investors and edge entrepreneurs following nature's intelligence see through all attempts at window dressing and narrative shaping. Fortunately, we shine a torch of light in the dark crevices. It is this light shining in the darkness that helps to illuminate unseen risks and new exciting opportunities. 

The Problem with Predominant Economic Theories

Our existing investment methodologies are based on economic theories and processes that are linear and only work for simple or complicated problems. They also exclude our social and ecological systems. That is why everything is such a mess.

Most of our big problems today are nonlinear, interconnected and highly complex. Most of the sustainable and impact investors are still using linear investment strategies and structures, as that is the primary way assets are allocated and syndicates are put together. 

There is no need to be an expert in sustainable business or investing to benefit from this membership. We use living complex systems principles as our approach to investing, and do not use ESG or other impact investing terminology. Do not expect the usual conversations on "impact investments" or "ESG" or "DEI" in reference to how we apply our living complex systems principles. All types of investors can benefit from using these principles because they are, in fact, natural principles and are systemic by design.

The reality is there is no real way to allocate for impact or sustainability. It is not an allocation decision. It is a different way to think about entrepreneurship, business and investing. 

It requires a system-based lens, a willingness to work across silos, and the ability to ask the uncomfortable questions.

Fortunately, the payoff for using an ecosystem-based investing lens is finding breakthrough opportunities and layers of risks overlooked by others following more traditional approaches. 

EOC Service Details 

  1. Experiential educational materials on our living systems investment framework. Links to educational materials from other aligned individuals or groups provided as well. 
  2. Divining future potential across multiple fields using nature's intelligence with the aspiration of unblocking friction for more creative flow between edge entrepreneurs and visionary investors.
  3. Separate areas for members to discuss their own edge investment or entrepreneurial ideas and get feedback and support from other members.
  4. Discussions for investors on prospects for public companies, private companies, or crypto projects as part of our trends intelligence. We discuss when companies are coherent and incoherent with our living systems principles. 
  5. Recorded interviews with diverse experts discussing their cross-disciplinary perspectives on our trends and educational materials.
  6. Separate community forums for education materials and trends work and separate discussion areas for each educational subject, trend, or member projects (Your privacy is respected. Members will see your name when you comment but not a profile page. For those members preferring a more traditional profile page, we have various other ways for members to get exposure).
  7. Regular live unrecorded Q&A discussions with the Pythia Capital Team and our collaborators. 
  8. Annual subscription fee for access (early launch ongoing).

Pythia Capital's Other Synergistic Service Areas

EOC is foundational and synergistic to all our work at Pythia Capital. 

Many aspects of Pythia's Phoenix Investing Club is integrated into EOC, mainly as part of our trends discussions, but only company summaries. For more information on our Phoenix Investing SMID Cap Club, click here (Not available as a separate service).

For more information on our Hub&Spoke Direct Private Investing Membership, click here (A separate service that is not yet available. However, some examples are included at EOC as part of trend discussion or expert interviews).

We are early in development for a separate blockchain/crypto/Web 3.0 membership applying our living system investing principles, but more detailed information is not yet available (However, some examples are included at EOC as part of our trend discussions or expert interviews)

How Can You Contact Us?

We offering a free sneak peek if you fill out the form below. We are also open to conversations about potential collaboration. Please tell us in the comments below about yourself and your primary interest. 

Learn More About Our Living Systems Investing Principles

On the edge of chaos, you will find inspiration, creativity, joy and wonder. Fear of the unknown is still there, especially during these rocky times. However, the creativity, joy and beauty that come from the edge of chaos can help move mountains if necessary and draw surprising allies. This is the energy that is necessary to help bring polarized groups back together again and help to find the courage to face the dark shadows in ourselves and our global society. It is in facing these shadows that we find our inspiration and the greatest creative breakthroughs. If we can harness the energy from the inevitable grief the comes from seeing ourselves and the world with such clarity, we can begin to visualize new possibilities. Soon, you will find the grief has converted to joy and the mountains do not look so big anymore.

Uncertainty can be a path for creativity rather than a path for fear when we learn to leave room for the joy of synchronistic discovery by bringing people together that would normally not speak with each other. There are self-organizing groups of people coming together all over the world to creatively brainstorm about how to make the world a more thriving, just, and healthy place. The groups we resonate with the most are groups of entrepreneurial people that are fringe, eclectic and interdisciplinary. However, people in these fringe groups tend not to be trusting toward predominant investment and industry players. With this crowd, blindly chasing “impact or sustainable investors” is not the answer either as most of these investors are still following linear investment approaches that are incoherent with emergent innovations based on the true physics and creativity of natural intelligence.

Many investors (impact or not) often pursue investments in trendy areas, resulting in herd investing that eventually explodes causing many unintended trade offs and leaves out many fringe entrepreneurs that have highly creative, off the beaten path ideas (We need these “edge” entrepreneurs, borrowing principles from permaculture, for the innovation needed to solve really hard problems). This is because predominant economic models steer you in these directions by definition, resulting in the few controlling the many and a loss of individual agency. Our current economic paradigm results in centralized, concentrated cartels of power and wealth.

An economic framework based on living complex systems can help to balance concentrated power with more resilient decentralized and distributed systems. It is not possible to solve any of our complex problems such as our interrelated health and environmental crises using the existing economic framework (which is not integrated with ecological systems and ignores our understanding of the laws of physics). What is certain using this framework (even when you mean well) is that money will flow from those that have the least to those that have the most and none of the problems will get better. They will actually get worse. You can already see this happening in the world. Our predominant economic paradigm and over-leveraged financial systems do not consider the reality of interrelated, nested, nonlinear, complex adaptive systems. 

Pursuing financial returns without primary consideration of intrinsic value (which considers our ecological surroundings, health, vitality, and social systems in interconnected and systemic ways) means there is no effective mechanism to unwind what is harmful for society or the earth. Unfortunately, that means there are many lies and efforts to control narratives to keep the old power structures going. Removing individual bad actors does not help because the underlying global economic system we are using has not changed and is not based on understanding the real natural intelligence of living, complex systems. Pursuing unlimited growth predominantly for more wealth and power is causing extreme incoherence in our global systems, harming ecological systems, human health, vitality, diversity and overall individual sovereignty. This is all starting to break down into chaos today with overlapping global crises. It does not mean most people are deliberately trying to harm people or the earth. It is merely the way the existing system works and is structured.

Our economic system is not separate from nature or her cycles. Applying natural intelligence principles to business and investing restores interlinked economic, ecological and social lenses, but in a way that is naturally coherent with natural systemic principles. This is the primary reason why these principles work better than simple ESG principles (which are still linear principles, so they are still part of our existing economic system that concentrates wealth and power by definition). They are also very honest. If we are out of balance, it is very clear, and no amount of narrative shaping or greenwashing can change this illuminated view of reality.

The same people that have benefited the most from the existing extractive economic systems are the same ones that sit on the top of the food chains of most major corporations, big banks, think tanks and large NGOs that claim they are working to solve humanity’s problems. Even if these groups and people mean well (in reality some do and some do not), too much top-down control in our global economic systems will not improve things for the good of all, regardless of how many warm and fuzzy labels you use.

We need more bottoms up and local empowerment for people in our global economic systems to repair and restore our global systems and the earth. Following natural intelligence means balancing centralized governance systems with decentralized, distributed, self-organizing and self-correcting nested systems. In other words, we need more “Yin” and less “Yang” to live more creative and vibrant lives, not more academics writing big, detailed papers with lots of footnotes and diagrams.

The way these fringe entrepreneurs perceive the world is very different. Both the breakthrough opportunities and the shadows in society are more transparent to them, especially when they get together and support each other.

Intense polarization and corruption in the world are blocking more groups like this from finding aligned resources, but they are also reminding us, deep down inside why diversity in every sense is necessary, including diversity of perspectives. We need to be radically honest with ourselves and each other in order to understand what is at stake. Are we all so caught up in our need to be right or our fear of change (often framed by our upbringing, education, career, socioeconomic background, culture…) that we leave no room for the new? We are all so focused on solving problems with our linear, anti-nature economic lenses that we are often missing the magic for how significant new discoveries usually happen. Please see the following blog for more information on why great new discoveries are often not planned: Why Are Divergent Thinkers Ostracized?

We believe that investors aligned with our authentic living systems investment framework are better partners for these very special entrepreneurs. We have an atypical investment approach and focus on innovations on “the edge of chaos”. The interrelated, systemic global crises are already causing considerable chaos, so the timing is ripe for new evolutionary leaps in how we can best support and fund these special entrepreneurs.

About Pythia Capital

Our investment principles core foundation are based on living, complex adaptive systems (CAS). Understanding the wisdom of CAS is essential for addressing global, complex, interconnected crises, as predominant economic principles do not consider human interaction with ecological systems at all.

Our living systems investing principles core are inspired by the 12 permaculture principles, which are regenerative agriculture and sustainable living principles.

We use permaculture principles as a bridge to link ancient esoteric wisdom with advanced science, technology, and mathematics to explore, develop and finance exciting new innovations that lie at the "edge of chaos."

Ancient and timeless “shamanic wisdom” reminds us how to reconnect with the sacredness and interconnections of all life.

It is no coincidence that new scientific, technological, and mathematical advances such as chaos theory, nonlinear complex systems, quantum science, nonlinear mathematics and newly emergent blockchain technologies are also mirroring this theme of interconnectedness.

This awareness of how the sacred connects to advanced understanding of natural evolutionary intelligence is the essence of how we build and re-architect our global societies.

Our highly integrative and regenerative principles work across all industries.