“The most profoundly impactful experience I've had outside of a medicine ceremony. This changed my life."

-K .T, San Diego Ca

The Sacred Wound and the Deep Feminine Heart

A Celebration of Holy Brokenness and Sacred Wound Practice


-Poetry readings from the works of  Maya Luna, Leonard Cohen, Rashani Rea,
Richard Power, Fred La Motte

-5 Radical "Left Hand" Practices for Embracing the Sacred Power and
Holy Gnosis of the Wound

-A Deep Feminine Transmission by Maya Luna on:

. The Mystical Reality of the Wound of Love

. The Deep Feminine Heart: The Love that Can Hold our Wholeness and Brokenness at once

. The Feminine as the Great Mother who Births the Soul through Breaking Open

. The Catalysts of Loss, Illness, Betrayal and Heartbreak as Initiations into Naked Reality

. Holy Disillusionment as the Prophet of True Innocence

“I just wanted to share that this has been the most powerful transmission I have ever experienced. Your spaciousness, your unwavering faith in us to receive the gnosis without forcing or overtly teaching, by simply bringing forth the wisdom through your being, the poems, the music - it’s just so inspiring, and it feels so, so true. It awakens a deep remembering within me. Not the kind that my mind needs to understand, but the kind that my body has always known.”

— Jaime Gerard, Fair Lawn NJ

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