The Self-Love Club

Welcome to The Self-Love Club

The Self-Love Club is an 8 week group programme, exclusively for women who are ready to take back control of their life, reclaim joy and finally start putting themselves first 🙌🏻

This group programme is designed to help you to move from a place of feeling unsure with where you're at, constantly doubting yourself, lacking confidence and putting everything and everyone before yourself.

You know, those thoughts of not feeling 'good enough'? 👎🏻

Payment plans available 💕

This course is:

  • For women that want to reclaim their JOY, PASSION and DRIVE for life
  • For women that want soulful connection with other women, to feel safe, seen, and heard as part of a beautiful, supportive collective to help each other on this journey.
  • For women that struggle to make time for themselves and prioritise their needs, who consider themselves as an afterthought, who are constantly doing and find it difficult to slow down and rest WITHOUT guilt.
  • For women who feel less than, not good enough, lack boundaries, who struggle to love themselves and find themselves only focusing on the negatives, leaving you feeling meh, depleted and tired of everything.

If loving yourself seems foreign to you, all of that is about to change inside The Self-Love Club

It all starts with YOU!  💖

The aim of The Self-Love Club is to:

  • Help you unveil, identify and overcome any self-limiting beliefs so that you can live without fear of judgement or opinion of others.
  • Help you regain + build confidence, to learn how to love yourself, by adopting a compassionate mindset - for a stronger, positive & beautiful relationship with self.
  • Prioritise yourself and your needs without guilt - so that you feel fulfilled & content with life.
  • Learn how to say no and set healthy boundaries - so that no one walks all over you again.
  • Identify your strengths, life values and what's important to you - so that life feels balanced. 
  • To set intentions and goals for your future and how to move towards them - so that you feel clear about where you're heading.
  • To feel excited AF about life everyday.
  • To be able to accept and love yourself fully - so that you no longer seek external validation or look to others to complete you, because you're already whole.


Week 1:

Unveiling and reframing any self-limiting beliefs - understanding the importance of self-love.

Week 2:

Homework + Implementation + group support.

Week 3:

Decluttering and identifying your strengths.

Week 4:

Individual 1:1 session with me - inc emotional detox hypnosis (early bird only) + Homework + Implementation.

Week 5:

Identifying your core life values and how to live in alignment with them.

Week 6:

Understand the benefits of healthy boundaries and how to set them according to what feels right to you.

Week 7:

Homework + Implementation.

Week 8:

Group hypnosis session on future visions and higher self.

Throughout each week I will use a combination of all my skills and techniques from coaching, NLP, hypnosis, mindfulness, journaling, reframing, CBT - depending on the needs of the group to give you the BEST experience possible for the most EXPANSIVE results! 

It's a no brainer!

The Self-Love Club includes:

  • 8 weeks of high level support via a private WhatsApp group
  • 4 x 60 minute bi-weekly group sessions 
  • Live group meditations & hypnosis
  • Guided journaling + prompts (and divinely guided, intentional homework)
  • Sessions recorded for lifetime access
  • An intimate group of like-minded women (8 max)
  • Compassionate accountability

Your divine investment

  • Pay in full £555
    (worth £1,111)
  • Pay in 3 payments of £185

    Payment buttons below 🩷

It's time to get out of your own way, to say yes to yourself and make beautiful, positive changes in your life for a more confident, radiant and fulfilling future

Programme starts Sunday 1st October! 🎃 

Just like the seasons, it's time to make some changes ✨

Are you ready? 

(of course you are!)

Payment plan - Pay £185 today to secure your place, next payment scheduled on week 3 and third payment scheduled on our final session.

This can differ if we arrange to do so 😊 my aim is to make it as accessible to you as possible, just send me an email to discuss options.

Keep a close eye on your emails and don't forget to check spam! 😃