The Wool Seeker

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My personal Favourite, 100% non-sw merino in a single ply that is extremely soft, super cozy, and wooly all at once.


A big favourite of all, 80% SW merino 20% Nylon spun very round in 8 plys of yarn.


For the wooly feel lover, super warm and cozy, super bouncy.

100% BFL Non-SW, 2 plys


This is kind of my Non-SW alternative to Lydia, very soft, very sturdy, only difference is no SW treatment and 4 plys.

80% Non-SW Superfine Merino 20% Nylon, 4 plys

Where can I find it?

At the moment we are an etsy based business, this button will take you to it!

How to contact me!

I love hearing from my clients and talk all things wooly. Message me here or on etsy for anything wooly!