Hello Friends,

I'm speaking to our membership today because we need your input to shape the future of our Tips & Tricks for Women Living with Prolapse Facebook group.

You can do this by watching this short video and completing the 10-question survey below.


Since our membership was created on Facebook 2019 we've discovered over the past 3 years that;

  • there’s a lack of consistency with having helpful resources and messages reliably delivered to you
  • it is not always easy to find what you are looking for
  • social media platforms have full control over our content and can simply shut it down at any time.

We want (and deserve) better than this for you

Based on your feedback, we are going to reassess what we can offer and how it can best suit your needs.

We are yet to create a new space. We just know there are better alternatives to share with you.

We want to offer you a space that can;

    • have organised information that is very easy to find
    • provide an additional layer of protection
    • meet you at your level on this prolapse journey
    • host events for greater connection with POP specialists

      For more information and background please watch this short video, then complete the survey today.

      We look forward to reading the responses and sharing the outcomes with you next week.