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Are you an Investor, Investment Manager or Forest Business looking to generate environmental or social benefits from forests?

 In addition to the traditional return drivers of your forest investment or business, are you interested to explore additional revenue streams, create more resilient forests, reduce ESG risk and enhance the exit opportunities from your forest investment or business?

The Theory of Change is the north star you follow to make it happen.

The ForestLink will be hosting a webinar detailing how to develop your own Theory of Change that charts the path for realizing both the financial and impact benefits of your forests. You can expect to learn the following:

  • What is a Theory of Change and why you need one
  • Aligning impact objectives with your investment philosophy or business
  • Why integration of financial objectives is important
  • A break down of the Theory of Change framework and how to design it
  • And more!

The Webinar will be held in the autumn of 2024.

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