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Renew & Relieve:
10 Essential Postpartum Stretches

Designed for postpartum moms and beyond who want to ease back into movement, release pain and mental strain,

and regain lasting mobility and comfort.

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Regain your range of motion and feel more limber. Especially when getting up from the floor after playing with your baby.


Stretching helps combat fatigue and leaves you feeling more energized to care for you and your baby.


Being well rested is important so you can spend more time doing fun activities and making memories.


Ease discomfort in your back, hips, and shoulders from breastfeeding, picking toys off the floor, and holding baby ALL day.


Promote relaxation and reduce stress for a happier you.

This is what makes it great...

  • EASY-TO-FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: No prior experience needed, perfect for every mom.

  • CLEAR VISUALS: Step-by-step video, photos and instructions to guide you through each stretch safely and effectively.

  • DO IT ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Quick stretches you can fit in throughout your day, even with your little one by your side.
    No heavy equipment is required. 

  • PRINTABLE FORMAT: Download and keep the guide handy for whenever you need a quick stretch break to reduce aches and pains.

  • ** BONUS **  KEEPING TRACK: Download and keep track of your weekly progress. 

Take a Sneak Peek.

Up to 80% of postpartum women experience some degree of back pain.
Stretching can help to improve flexibility and range of motion in the back, which can help to alleviate pain.

70% of women report feeling more tired after childbirth. Stretching can help to improve energy levels and promote better sleep.

Up to 50% of moms have elevated anxiety and depression. Stretching can be an effective treatment to help reduce anxiety and depression by promoting a sense of overall well-being. 

Having support and taking care of myself was a huge need of mine to get through the difficult times. I know that postpartum moms need support. They need someone to help them feel their best physically and emotionally. That's why I do what I do.

Since being in the physical therapy world, my friends who became moms ask me questions all the time. So I created, Stretch With Ashlea, with the vision of being the go-to postpartum stretching expert.

Postpartum stretching is an important part of a healthy recovery after childbirth. It can help to improve flexibility, reduce pain, prevent injuries, improve posture, boost mood, reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase energy levels.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help postpartum moms. I know that I am making a difference in their lives, and that is what continues to motivate me.

Stay amazing.


Yes. While these stretches are gentle, it's always best to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially after childbirth.

Aim for 2-3 times a day, even if it's just for a few minutes each time.

No! All you need is a comfortable mat and a stretch strap.

You may feel some relief immediately, but consistency is key. Aim to do these stretches regularly for optimal results.

Soreness is normal. If you experience any pain that worsens or persists, discontinue the stretches and consult with your doctor.

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