Welcome, beautiful soul!

Through the sacred turning points of your life, whether it be grief, life transition, or spiritiual initiations may your healing journey become a quiet (re)evolution that breathes love and compassion within you. 

May it be a sanctuary for you to come home to, again and again. 

May it be the medicine that fills your heart with peace as you create a deeper connection with yourself and your Soul. 

May you remember who you are and rise into everything you came here to be.

What are the Akashic Records?


The Akashic Records are an energetic database that resides in the 5th dimension, think of them as the library of your soul, simply a reflection of who you are and have been since your soul's creation.

They're an energetic space that holds our soul’s history - the story of our soul’s entire journey through every lifetime!

Your Akashic Records empower you to see yourself in a whole new light, bringing a deep understanding and awareness to your situations, beliefs, patterns, and experiences.

The healing that can come from this is incredible!

What makes an Akashic Record reading so unique?

While we are blessed with so many forms of soul maps whether that be astrology, tarot readings, or energy healings for metaphysical exploration, few are as captivating as the Akashic Records for uncovering your potential for personal empowerment, healing, clarity, and insight for understanding our soul's journey.  An Akashic reading can help you understand karmic or ancestral patterns, soul contracts, past lives, relationships, and your soul purpose.

Many of us made vows and past life contracts to make us feel safe at the time, but they can cause issues in our current lifetimes, as they no longer serve our highest good.  They can fuel unhealthy behaviors and keep us stuck.  The blessing lies in that we live in a free Universe and these vows and contracts can be revoked.

Another blessing when working with our records is that we cannot clear anything that isn't ready to be cleared. We may still have lessons that need to unfold for our growth and spiritual evolution. Once we have done our inner healing, we find that we're able to move forward in forgiveness, love, and peace unhindered from our previous karmic soul contracts.

The "terms" of a vow or contract may appear as...

  • "I will always make myself small or feel invisible to avoid conflict."
  • "I promise to take care of you forever."
  • "I will never speak up."
  • "I will always put myself last."
  • "I will always punish myself through unfulfilling jobs."
  • "I will never reclaim my power."
  • "I will always see myself as unworthy."
  • "I will never trust my intuition." 
  • "I will always defer my inner knowing to (a priest, spouse, church...)"
  • "I will never love again."
  • "I will punish myself for being psychic"
  • "I will never teach again."
  • "I never trust my intuition."

Love Notes

Akashic Records Clearing & Healing

Work with me one-to-one, over 1, 3, or 6 sessions, to receive  Akashic healing, spiritual insight, and guidance create the change your soul longs for.

Soul Purpose Healing & Activation

This soul-purpose healing is an invitation to reconnect with yourself and your soul because the work you do is deeply profound & life-changing.

Akashic Soul Care           3 Sessions

This is perfect for you if you find yourself journeying through a season of transition and need a little more support as you find your way back home to you.

Hi, I'm Tracey

Intuitive Mentor, Akashic Record Reader, High-Frequency Healer & Channel.

My first experience in the Records came at a time when I was lost in my grief of multiple pregnancy losses.

I was on a journey of finding myself again. This was such a powerful experience, that I knew that I would dive deeper into this healing modality in time.

The more I learned, the more deeply I came home to myself and my soul. And this is what I’m passionate about. Helping you reconnect with yourself and your soul through healing and spiritual mentorship.

What can you expect from an Akashic Records reading?

*Answers to your questions.

*Guidance to get your life on track.

*Overcome self-worth, deservability, and other limiting beliefs.

*Align with your soul’s purpose and Higher Self.

*Feel more confident and aligned on your soul’s journey.

*Heal past life vows of poverty, scarcity, or unfulfilling jobs.

*Leave feeling inspired, remembering your light, and feeling worthy of it.

The Akashic Records will only ever reveal what you are ready to receive and are always shown through the lens of love. They will empower you to see yourself and your situation in a new light while bringing grace, healing, and freedom to your life.

All this and so much more can be found within your Akashic Records.

I respectfully acknowledge,

the people of the Syilx Territory, Okanagan Nation Alliance as the traditional landowners of where I work and reside. I give thanks to my European ancestors and pay my respects to all elders Past, Present, and Emerging.