Is your inner fire flickering, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your passions?

Are you a high-achieving woman on the brink of burnout?

🚀 Start: 

May 14th 

🕐 Duration: 

3 weeks 


3 live online meetings + E-Book for every session + 3 recorded sessions

On a transformative 3-week journey, you will:

1. Decode burnout and understand its impact on high-achievers.

2. What is Tidy Thinking?

3. Master the art of setting boundaries.

4. Build emotional resilience.

5. Reconnect with your passions and purpose.

6. Craft a sustainable plan for lasting brilliance.

"Setting boundaries isn't about limiting yourself; it's about freeing yourself to shine even brighter." Anna 

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Why Join Our Masterclass:

👉 Tailored for high-achieving women like you.

👉 Expert guidance from a conscious leadership coach.

👉 Interactive sessions with practical exercises. 

👉 Exclusive access to a supportive community. 

👉 Guest experts in nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness.

"In the dance between fire and brilliance, you hold the match. 

Ignite your potential today." Anna 

Hey, I'm Anna G.

Your partner in Conscious Leadership and Operational Excellence.

Ever been caught in the endless loop of career or business burnout? 🔄 I've been there, and I know the way out—a path to sustainable success. 🛣️

🔥 My Burnout Journey: I've been in the burnout pit, and I've climbed out of it. I've experienced firsthand what works and what doesn't. Today, I'm not just happy and fulfilled; I'm a success story. I've walked the talk, and I'm here to guide you on your unique journey.

🎯 Why Choose Me?: I'm not just about business; I'm about building relationships. I deeply care about your well-being, and I'll cheer you on, loudly!

📣 I'm fun but professional, and I call out the BS when I see it. As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I have a unique superpower—I notice the nuances others might miss. My clients often say they feel seen, heard, acknowledged, and empowered to tap into their own authenticity. 🌈

Welcome to my space:).

Anna G. 



Online meetings are held live online on Tuesday's at 18:30. Additionally, you have access to materials (PDFs, videos) on our dedicated Facebook group. 

Week 1: Understanding & Decoding Burnout (LIVE)

Objective: Explore the intricate facets of burnout and its psychological underpinnings, emphasizing its impact on high-achieving women.

Week 1: Holistic Healing +3 C’s and Tidy Thinking

Holistic healing is treating not just the symptoms but the person as a whole: body, mind, and soul. This week focuses on the intricate interplay between these elements, their role in burnout, and their ability to offer rejuvenation.

Week 2: Establishing Healthy Boundaries (LIVE)

Objective: Explore the significance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in personal and professional contexts.

Week 2: Cultivating Emotional Resilience

Objective: Build emotional resilience tailored to the sensitivities of the high-achieving woman.

Week 3: Re-Aligning Passion & Purpose 

Objective: Rediscover and align your passions and strengths with your career and personal life.

Week 3: Sustainable Brilliance + Q&A (LIVE)

Objective: Create a sustainable plan for maintaining your newfound brilliance.

Extra bonuses

🎁 Workbook with exercises, meditations, a self-care bank, and personalized energy management tips.

🎁 All sessions are recorded, and documents are available on a dedicated drive and Facebook Group.

    FAQs for the Curious Minds: 

    👉 Who's this program tailor-made for? You, the unstoppable, high-achieving women navigating the jungle of stress and competing priorities.

    👉 What tangible results can I expect? You'll walk away with practical strategies to harmonize high achievement with personal well-being.

    👉 How long does the program run? Our transformative journey spans 6 action-packed weeks.

    👉 What's the time commitment? Plan on dedicating 2-3 hours a week, which covers the weekly 60' sessions and assignments.

    👉 What if I can't make it to live sessions? No worries! We've got you covered with session recordings for you to watch at your convenience.

    👉 How's the program delivered? We're Zooming for the live sessions, and all the supporting goodies are hosted in our private Facebook group.

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    3-weeks Masterclass "Ignite My Potential" 
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    🚀 Start: May 14th 

    🕛 3h of live sessions +  extra meditations recorded + 3 recorded sessions 

    ✔️Video materials + PDF

    ✔️ Access to dedicated Facebook Group 

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