The Bennet Bakery series follows the Bennet brothers in their search for love. 

Inspired by Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice.

Pride and Prejudice at the Bennet Bakery by V N Murray

Pride & Prejudice at the Bennet Bakery

When Fiona Darcy finds herself in the wilds of Yorkshire to launch her new wedding dress collection, she’s only got one aim; get back to Bath as quickly as possible. What she doesn’t need is her best friend falling for their cupcake supplier, forcing her into the proximity of the crass Bennet family. Worst of all is Elliot, the tall, handsome Yorkshireman who has not only taken an instant dislike to her, but seems to be pushing his brother into a relationship purely for financial gain.

Baker extraordinaire Elliot Bennet is pleased when his brother finally finds love, but less happy playing third wheel with Fiona Darcy, a woman who clearly despises him and his family. But the Darcy contract could be the big break their struggling bakery needs, even if it doesn’t show his messy, overcrowded family to their best advantage. And besides, even if she doesn’t like cupcakes, maybe Fi isn’t quite as icy as she seems…

North meets south as sparks fly between Elliot and Fiona. Will their undeniable connection survive meddling families, misunderstandings and their own prejudice?

Kittens & Cookies at the Bennet Bakery cover showing a young couple. One is a woman with pink tinted hair, dressed casually. the other is a tall man dressed in business casual.

Kittens & Cookies at the Bennet Bakery

Ella Richards is a graphic designer, struggling to keep her business afloat after her work was stolen by a much bigger company. So, when she finds an opportunity to go undercover and confront the company’s founder, she’d be a fool not to go for it, right? Even though it means working at the Bennet Bakery under false pretences, and lying to Mark, her new manager, and erstwhile coffee shop crush.

Awkward middle child Mark Bennet is used to being overlooked in favour of his four louder and more charming brothers. He’s managed to carve out a niche for himself at the family bakery, and is slowly recovering their fortunes with a mixture of good management and scrupulous budgeting. Then fate drops a huge order for a Halloween party in his lap, as well as a new member of staff to help out. A stickler for propriety, Mark struggles when he begins to develop feelings for his new hire, and then, worse still, his family get involved.

When their growing attraction threatens to undermine her plan for revenge, Ella is forced to question whether revenge is truly worth it.

Bake Off at the Bennet Bakery

Zoey Jenkinson doesn’t mind working for her dad’s baking business, but she wishes he would stop picking fights with the Bennet Bakery, their biggest competitor. After fists fly at a farmer’s market, Zoey forms a secret truce with Liam Bennet, youngest son of the Bennet family, and her former high school crush. She still has feelings for him, but as her business nemesis, can she really trust him?

Following a disastrous love affair in his early twenties, Liam Bennet has sworn off relationships for life. As the youngest Bennet brother, he’s desperate to prove himself and win the respect of his family. A chance encounter with Zoey encourages him to enter a prestigious baking competition, although it’s not long before he begins to suspect she might be a honey trap.

Business rivalries come to a head as Zoey and Liam both find themselves competing for the title of Yorkshire’s Best Baker. Any truce is forgotten, and all’s fair in love and war.

Christmas at the Bennet Bakery

Big city success story Maria Lucas is coming home for Christmas, to start a new business venture with her best friend. Only, she’s just broken up with her fiancé, and the last person she wants to see is Kit, the man who broke her heart six years earlier.

Kit Bennet isn’t looking for love. That ship sailed a long time ago, when the girl he liked turned out to have a thing for his little brother. Now Maria’s back on the scene, and he’s determined to stop her breaking up his brother’s new relationship.

As Kit and Maria are forced to spend more time together their attraction becomes difficult to ignore. With some prodding from the Bennets, and a little help from a tiny cat, can their love overcome their misunderstandings, in time for Christmas?