Web page templates for HR consultants

Design a logo, write a website - those are two of the first things people want to do when they start out as a freelance HR consultant. Yet chances are, you don't have experience of doing either.

Well, I can't help with logo design (unless you need a contact for a brand and/or web designer, in which case I can absolutely point you to some great ones). What I can help with is structuring the key content for your website.

These web page templates aren't generic. They're being designed specifically for HR consultants. They'll help you work out what you need to say while giving guidance on key questions that matter to you. Take services for example - do you list a couple or write down everything?

Don't be someone who owns their domain and takes over two years to actually get their website out there (yes, that was me). Instead, grab the web page templates as soon as they're available and start selling your services effectively straight away. 

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What clients say:

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