Designing a Winning Business Model

AUGUST 22, 2024
and AUGUST 29, 2024

11am - 1pm eastern time (both days)

DESCRIPTION. This workshop will help prepare your association for growth. We believe the success of the future association relies on making focused, strategic choices that elevate us toward superior performance, deep impact, and sustainable growth. 

In this two-day (4 hour), live, online workshop, we will take a strategic approach to documenting your business model. 

We believe that associations need to think beyond tactical, short-term quick fixes by developing a sustainable approach to focused and disciplined revenue growth. 

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WHAT YOU WILL LEARN. In this outcome-based workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Identify, document, and analyze your current practice.

  • Utilize and leverage the business model canvas to document the viability of a new or existing product, program, or service. 

  • Dig into the nine building blocks to explain who your association serves, what you offer, and how you achieve your goals.

  • Link the business model canvas to the growth readiness framework.

  • Identify needed capabilities and resources, alignment opportunities, and possible areas of investment.

  • Apply the association product competencies to position your association for growth.

HOW YOU WILL LEARN. We do learning differently in the product community. 

  • Live. This workshop is a live, online experience.

  • Engaging. We are a learning community. Our learning model is facilitator-led,  peer-based, engaging, and fun.

  • Tool-based. We use tools, frameworks, and models to help you engage with, understand, and apply course concepts.

  • Applied. Our learning model is designed for practical use. You will be able to immediately take what you learn and apply it to your association.


  • A high-level business model for your association or one of your offerings.

  • A focused value proposition, an analysis of your ideal customer, and an analysis of the resources needed to develop and deliver your offering.

  • New energy.

  • New momentum.

  • New colleagues.

GUARANTEE. We will offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Designing a Winning Business Model

A strategic approach to growing and diversifying your association revenue.

$395.00 USD


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