Ignite your feminine Goddess.

Reclaiming a nurturing and feminine approach to the traditional lineages of Yoga & Spirituality while stepping into your full empowered self.

With Veerle & Helen as your guides.  Live & Online.

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This In person & Online Empowerment teacher training is for women who know there is another way of yoga. 

A way that's truly nourishing, and brings you back home to your feminine essence, embodied and rooted in intuition, mystery and a joyous sustainability.

Many women are seeking something else... Patriarchy has disconnected us from our embodied wisdom and innate relationship with the Earth. Many women are looking outside of themselves to feel whole, feeling dried up, foreloren, separated, anxious, fragmented, depleted or an outsider from a system in which they don’t seem to fit in.

Even contemporary yoga can brings us further away from ourselves, with an often body-image focus and unaware of a women’s cyclical nature.

This Women's Empowerment Training will teach you how to truly embrace the seat of the Yogini. You will learn practices that honour you as a cyclic woman, and learn how to design a yoga practice that meets you where you are on any given day or moment.

You’ll learn to awaken your inner yoga, raise your kundalini & Yoni Shakti and learn how to use this feminine energy flow as your inner compass and (re-) source of your power, voice, sexuality and purpose. You’ll learn how to root yourself into your feminine landscape and inner ecology, as well as the greater cosmology of our planet.

This 9 month sacred pilgrimage of reclaiming and embodying your mysterious feminine power & rise as a feminine leader, is for YOU if you want to:


energetically, emotionally and physically balanced, grounded, whole, while deeply at home within your body as a sacred vessel.


the magic, joy, effortless abundance of being in com-union with your body, sensations, emotions, womb, sensuality… Unveiling a living wisdom of feminine mysteries & healing medicine.


of old survival strategies, separation, exhaustion, unworthiness, addiction to achieving…basically the core wounds of a system patriarchal suppression and an old system that doesn’t serve the feminine and our planet.


a radical world and new ways of living that mutually respect the cyclical powers of your body and Mother earth. Devoted to sacred feminine rhythms as sacred initiations and seeds of change.


as a feminine leader and eco feminine activist. Sharing your authentic voice, boldest visions, ambitions, dreams and fiercely manifest your sacred purpose for the healing of this earth and future generations to come.


as a powerful Creatrix and feminine agent for spiritual, social, environmental, global change. Collectively birthing a new world while rooted in a sisterhood of divine, holy empowered women!

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How this Sacred Feminine Journey is structured

Overview Teacher Training modules:

6 Yogini TTC Weekends & a Summer Rewilding Weekend in Nature

24/02-26/02 Weekend 2


31/03-02/03 Weekend 2


28/04-30/04 Weekend 3


26/05-28/05 Weekend 4 


30/06 -02/06  Summer gathering


15/09 -17/07 Weekend 5


06/10-08/10 Weekend 6


Personal Integration and extra individual support is offered during 1 one-to-one coaching session with Veerle/Helen.


  • What is the Feminine Way of Yoga?
  • Introduction into the feminine principles of yoga, womb & cyclical wisdom.
  • Longing to belong: The art of coming home to the body of Mother Earth and your own feminine body.
  • From push and struggle to effortless flow and radiance.
  • Inner Yoga: aligning your yoga practice to your inner seasons and cycles. Cultivating a practice of inner nourishment (physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual) and body literacy.
  • Why do we need a feminine approach of yoga? What is womb yoga?
  • Exploring the female anatomy and energetic alignment, cyclical and seasonal influences, connection to moon & earth.
  • Offering a complementary yoga practice for a predominant masculine & body image centred contemporary yoga.


  • Sacred Cosmology of the Body: 5 elements, feminine nadi’s, Shakti Bandha’s, relationship between the micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic world.
  • HER-story: the history of women & female mystics in yoga and the influence of patriarchy on feminine spirituality.
  •  Exploring the witch wound & revival of feminine mysteries and medicine.
  •  Sacred Feminine Landscape & Inner Ecology from Tantric & Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.
  •  Mother hunger : many of us feel unmothered, uprooted, disconnected from feminine love and the earth as a mother.


  • Harmonising Inner & Outer Nature and restoring your inner Rhythms & Ecology.
  •  Yoga for all stages/ages/transitions of womanhood.
  • Feminine Cycles & Rhythms: womb wellness, vitality and hormone therapy
  • “She rests to create”: Blood Wisdom & Moon Rest as a feminine super power. 
  •  Feminine health & Inner Feminine Wellbeing: Ayurvedic living for women, Hormonal & reproductive health, Nutrition & herbal wisdom
  • The feminine body as a sacred temple : ritual & self-care
  • Wounded feminine: Healing the mother/sister/witch/ancestral wounds, healing from trauma, addiction, distorted body image & perfectionism.


  •  Sacred feminine arts & importance of feminine sangha: Bhakti yoga, sound healing, sisterhood and women circles
  • Bliss of Touch: healing arts, sensuality, pleasure, breast massage, Thai & Ayurvedic Massage. Sensuality as the feminine way of Mindfulness.
  • Yoga as Com-Union and In-to-me-I see (Intimacy): Yoga as a path of inclusiveness, wholeness, inner growth, self-knowledge, an eternal dance of awakening and rooting in your feminine essence.
  • Sacred Ritual & ceremonies: Goddess invocations, devotional practices, cacao ceremony, tantric poetry, yoni puja,... opening up to the divine feminine and learning how to receive.


  • Her Truth: finding your authentic voice, healing feminine silencing and throat chakra, and becoming a female agent of truth and change.
  • Healing from shame and destructive patterns of self-doubt, playing small and self-sabotaging.
  • Boundaries & protection: honouring your boundaries to deepen your (intimate ) relationships, your health, self-worth and dreams.
  • Rising woman: give voice to your deepest desires & potential, and use embodied and feminine intelligence as seeds for social, environmental and global change. Stepping out into the world as female agents of transformation & change.
  • Self-knowledge & mastery: embracing the needs of feminine and our planet, as means for healing, self-empowerment, feminine leadership & transformation.


  • Sacred Feminine Activists: Feminine Leadership role models. Healing patriarchal distortions, power & abuse in yoga.
  • Reclaim your healthy inner masculine.
  • Feminine leadership, feminine eco-activism and earth centered entrepreneurship: placing sustainability and cyclical living at the heart of decision making.
  • Honour your sacred mission: stepping into your unique purpose and gifts for this world. Women birthing a new world and seeding change.
  • Authentically walking & embodying your feminine nature on and off the mat.
  • Finding your tribe: stepping out of the shadows and let yourself be authentically seen. Your tribe is waiting for you!
  • Inspire and lead as a radical earth yogini, womb advocate, feminine leader, creatrix and guardian of sacred feminine mysteries.

Who are we?

We are most of all two women, sisters, friends, who walked a very similar path in the world! We are by far not perfect or pretend to have it all figured out, as we're continuously unfolding a new way of living, being, showing up in this world that has lost its balance by sacrificing the feminine and nature for capitalism and productivity. We both share, sing and teach from our hearts, vulnerable and authentic, humble yet not afraid to share the messy parts and bumpy parts on our roads, as it's these descends which guided us into the depths of our own being and full spectrum of what it means to be a woman in these challenging, yet exciting times!


is a psychologist, Bhakti lover, womb therapist, and most of all a travelling yogini with over 15 years of experience in teaching yoga and hosting retreats around the world. Veerle lived for many years in India & Thailand, and has a yoga studio in the Himalayas.

As much as the Yogic & Tibetan Philosophies enriched her path of practicing and teaching, Veerle started to miss something essential: the absence of the feminine, path of the Yogini and her unique energetics!

Veerles own womb became her inner guide and asked her to find a new, more woman & womb friendly way. A way that guides women back home into the seat of their power, intuition and source energy. Over the last years Veerle has deepened the Path of the Goddesses, feminine arts, womb therapy and is very passionate about empowering women & restoring our connection to Mother Earth.


is a Mama, Bhakti lover, Osteothai practitioner, Thai massage teacher & has 15 years experience of sharing Yoga practices across world including Yoga festivals and teacher trainings. After the most spiritual journey of giving birth & whilst living in Karlsruhe, she recognised all that was still to be learnt on the journey of life. This re-birth of herself included new explorations of her own femininity & the messages that had been passed on through family lineages. How to be a woman in a masculine world, always pushing to do more, be more, have more, while ignoring your intuition.

Helen's inner feminine voice rose up & said NO, this is not the way. This exploration of the feminine way continues daily, learning to tune in, listen, slow down and be present. She is so excited to bring more women into their fullest version of themselves working to soften & listen to their deep feminine essence.

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