Work and life don't have to be enemies. You can do great work and have a more fulfilling life using boundaries to help you. Ready to find out how?

Work-life balance is something we all want, but hardly anyone can find it. 

That’s because we’re chasing after something that doesn’t exist based on the flawed concept that work and life are separate and equal.

The truth is we're single individuals. And though we can put on professional clothes, we don't turn into different people at work. 

So, what if we acknowledged the reality that work and life are integrated? And what if we pursued work-life harmony instead?

You'll learn a life-first approach to your work, health, and relationship using the ALIVE framework. And you'll discover how boundary setting and management  can be a practical tool to manage your priorities, energy, and time - across your work and life. 

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Hear what previous attendees say...

“My key takeaway: harmony, boundaries, and rest.”

“My 'a-ha moment' was when you talked about the seasons of life. I felt like it gave me 'permission' to put more effort into one area of life because it was needed at that time and not feel guilty for the temporary lack in other areas. A very useful way of presenting this concept!"

"I could just sit here and listen to your voice all day!"

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