Client Testimony

"I really wasn't sure about the Academy. I kept thinking it was so much money that I could use elsewhere in my life, but then I kept thinking about how everything I had tried to fix the anger I was always feeling and being so tired all the time both in my body and my mind, I just knew I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did because for the first time ever I began to see a change in my energy and I actually felt happy and I finally knew what to do when the anger came up. While learning Jill's way of doing boundaries was huge, it was going deep into my story and seeing the patterns I use to cope and feel safe that made all the difference for me. Every woman who struggles with boundaries and anger and exhaustion needs to invest in herself and work with Jill and do the Academy." ~Christine, single and loving

This exhaustion and anger is often the result of having been in or currently in a toxic relationship with a parent, sibling, partner, adult child, or co-parent. Toxic relationships create people pleasing patterns that land you in exhaustion because you are always trying to figure out how to keep others happy and calm. It's how you cope with toxic energy and it becomes your default pattern in all your relationships any time you feel overwhelmed or like you are failing someone.

because I was that woman too. I was so exhausted and angry that I went all the way to the other end of the spectrum and only put myself first. I soon found out that was equally miserable because putting only myself first didn't align with my desire to be generous with my time and energy. 

I needed a better way and that's when I discovered the secret was to be able to say yes to others without losing myself or draining my energy. I needed to break the default patterns I kept slipping into every time I felt something similar to the toxic dynamic I had lived in.

This is what I show you how to do in the YOU Aligned Academy because I want you to experience the same freedom from fear, regret, emotional turmoil that I felt every single time I was too exhausted to say yes to others and felt too guilty to say yes to myself. 

It all begins with a conversation. Click here to apply for the Academy and schedule your chat with me now.

"One word: BOUNDARIES! I never thought of boundaries as being what would help me to connect into who and what I love the most because we are always taught boundaries keep out what and who we don't want around us. Mind BLOWN!" ~Sarah, mom of 3

I get it. Sometimes you need a few more details before taking the next step.

How Does the Academy Work?

The YOU Aligned Academy membership is an 8-week hybrid coaching membership designed to support you in healing the pattern of aligning with the needs and demands of the people and world around you so that you can live from a place of inner alignment with your values, desires, and purpose. 

The Academy membership is facilitated by Jill Jerabek, life coach, and includes the following benefits:

✅ 6 group coaching sessions
✅ 4 private coaching sessions
✅ private Facebook group for community and support
✅ 8 learning modules to expand self-awareness, release patterns of keeping the peace, create effective boundaries that support your inner alignment practice
✅ 8 reflection guides to compliment the learning modules

There are TWO VERSIONS of the Academy. Ask about the Accelerated Academy if you need a more time and budget friendly option.

What is Covered in the Academy?

YOU Aligned Academy is broken down into 8 modules that build upon one another. Here is an overview of each module.

Module One: Honoring Your Story

In this module you will trace back your default patterns that helped you cope with people who demanded you put yourself aside to make them feel calm, comfortable, stable, and happy. You will write your story using reflection prompts forming the foundation of what you will be exploring, healing, and transforming during the Academy.

Module Two: Rediscovering Yourself

Relationships with people you trust to have your best interests in mind should allow space for you to be authentically you. The opposite happened for you. You learned who you are is not safe so you hid parts of who you are. It's time to redeem the hidden parts of you and build a relationship with yourself based on your non-negotiable worthiness for love, belonging, and unique purpose.

Module Three: Assessing Your Relationships

In this module, you will explore how the relationships you surround yourself with either bring out the best in you or land you in the same default patterns you are in the Academy to break free from.

Module Four: Healing Shame & Guilt

Default people pleasing patterns are based on shame and guilt. Shame and guilt keep you locked in the pattern of keeping the peace because you have been led to believe the reason your family system or other relational system doesn't work is because there is something wrong with you and/or you didn't do enough or get it right. Breaking free of that shame and guilt builds your self-confidence and ability to create and honor healthy boundaries.

Module Five: How to Forgive

Second only to boundaries, forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood and abused relationship tools. You will learn forgiveness is a practice and rarely a one time act while learning how to forgive so you can be free of the heaviness of pain and desire for the other person to change.

Module Six: Boundaries that Connect

The way we are taught to do boundaries divides and causes pain and confusion. You will learn how to create and honor boundaries that connect you deeper in with who and what you love. Your boundaries are the gatekeepers of your life so we will get this right for you!

Module Seven: Your Relationship Matrix

You will take the work you did in module three when you assessed your relationships with others so that you can do the essential work of moving people who bring out the best in you closer in and people who drain you further away. Without this module, you will fall back into default patterns because you feel obligated to biological and historical connections.

Module Eight: Your Life Matrix

In this module you will put all the pieces in place to support you in practicing every day releasing your default patterns in exchange for habits and actions that support you in thriving. You will build a visual of your guiding life principles plus your boundaries and spiritual practice so that you thrive in your relationships, your family, and your career or what you create in the world.

Client Testimony

"Just do it. Don't worry about the money because the value you get out of this experience is priceless. I spent thousands of dollars and hours on therapists and I needed that time for myself, but I never learned what Jill taught me in the Academy. The practical skills of knowing what my default patterns to feel safe are and how to interrupt those patterns and how to change everything moving forward is nothing I have ever seen anywhere else. Please, if you are a people pleaser or you try and just keep everyone else happy, do yourself a favor and sign up now. You will never regret it because Jill really sees you and understands and she gets you out of the craziness you feel every day." ~Nicole, independent contractor, wife, mom of 3, and grandma of 5

The YOU Aligned Academy is a holistic approach that integrates three distinct areas of healing, growth, and skills for transformation that lasts...

Inner Work

What happens inside is reflected outside, and while inner work isn't always easy, it is the only true way to transform your life. 

You will explore your story, identifying how you became so exhausted you are ready to scream so that you can begin to heal from what created that pattern, forgive where needed, and bring awareness into how those patterns are coping skills that no longer define nor serve you.

Practical Skills 

This is where everything begins to change in the most amazing ways as you learn how to create and honor boundaries that actually work while practicing using tools that support you in saying yes or no with clarity and confidence. 

You will also learn powerful shifts in how you communicate and how you use your time that will move you deeper into that space of saying yes to others with so much choicefulness that you will never lose yourself again to the demands and emotional needs of others.

Curating Your Life 

You landed in the energy of exhaustion from time and energy leaks due to commitments and people who were draining you. You will learn how to curate the matrix of your life and relationships so that what fills you up and brings you joy is what and who comes closer to you and what and who moves further away from you. 

I don't believe in cutting off relationships unless absolutely necessary for safety, and this brings many women peace when they work with me as they realize through curation they can keep even their most draining relationships without the drainage. 

That all sounds great, but how much does it cost?

Let me ask you much will it cost you if you DON'T enroll in the Academy? 

This is an essential question because you need to weigh which is more uncomfortable,

Investing in yourself and your transformation


Staying where you are at ending each day exhausted, angry, and feeling taken advantage of

Which would you rather be your reality?

Your investment in yourself is $1555 as three donations of $518.33

Or $1222 as two donations of $633, a savings of $333 

Or $1111 as one donation, a savings of $444

Donation is an agreement that you will receive personal and spiritual growth services from YOU Aligned Coaching memberships

It's time to make the shift from everyone but me to 

saying yes to who and what you love without losing yourself.