Discover how to effectively support someone dealing with grief and loss.


Are you unsure

  • about what grief is and isn't?
  • about what to say and do that would be helpful?
  • how to recognise if someone needs professional help?
  • where to signpost people to?

Do you need help?
Don't worry, you're in the right place.
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      After working with me on my 1:1 Handling Grief Programme, my clients say:

      • they have more peace of mind and hope for their situation.
      • they are able to think about fond memories without them becoming painful.
      • they have better focus.
      • they feel more passion for life.
      • they reconnect to their sense of purpose.

      Learn to support someone dealing with grief so you can regain their capacity for happiness and create a life that's well lived.

      Why listen to me?

      I've experienced multiple losses.

      I spent years handling my grief and now, I am passionate about helping others with their grief journey.

      Lack of the right knowledge, tools and processes meant I was stuck for years in pain and therapy.

      I struggled with:

      • feeling overwhelmed by sadness and hopelessness.
      • feeling life was empty and pointless.
      • feelings of regret and guilt.
      • feeling exhausted and struggling to sleep.
      • focusing, remembering things and making decisions.

      My training as a Grief Transformation Coach has given me the knowledge, tools, and processes to handle my grief and help others on their grief journey.

      To learn more about how my professional services
      may help you or your organisation:

      What are my clients saying?
      (I'm so proud of their transformations!)

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