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Investing in building your skills can create an entire stream of income. As a full-time teacher, I posted products at my leisure and used the extra cash for self-care, giving back to my students and investing in my family's business. 

If I can have these results with minimal effort, I know you can do amazing things after taking the course! It took me thousands of hours to learn what you will learn in one afternoon

Skip the mistakes and get focused this year!!

Stop the constant wheel spinning ideas.. it's time to take ACTION. There are educators making 6 figures from selling their own digital products and it's time for you to do the same! The key is creating high-quality resources that provide high student engagement and a professional focus on learning targets.




Being in my first year, with my very own classroom, I was always planning and prepping something. The custodial staff would often kick me out at the end of the day because I would stay late thinking I could actually get it all done. After some time searching the internet for ideas and activities, I stumbled upon the site: Teachers Pay Teachers. It was a goldmine of AFFORDABLE resources for broke teachers like me. I would often purchase resources for my classroom not realizing that I could actually make and sell my own products. 

In 2016 I was living in a studio apartment with my boyfriend who quickly became my husband once we found out I was pregnant with our first child! 🤭 We now had to figure out how to start producing more income to support our family of 3. 

I finally decided to add digital products to my list of side hustles. So my first stop was TPT. I only posted about 3 products, didn't really know what I was doing and made a whopping $8.40 for the entire year. 😣 Instead of learning from my mistakes, it discouraged me and made me think.. maybe TPT was already oversaturated. I mean, my resources will never look as good as other teachers. How can I compete when they've been doing this so much longer than me? Do you see all the followers that they have?!

I gave up.

I stopped posting my products. I talked myself out of thinking I could ever make any substantial money by selling online... if I didn't have thousands of followers. Only a few people engaged with my social media posts when I shared my resources anyway. So what was the point?

I just continued to make things for my classroom. I learned about my students' interests and created with them in mind. I discovered Canva where I could get really creative with my ideas. I would make all types of printable worksheets, assessments, activities and classroom decor. Then in 2020, everything changed for us in school and we quickly had to familiarize ourselves with various online tools and platforms for virtual instruction. This meant teachers were hunting for digital resources.

I took another leap and put myself out there to share the resources that I was creating to set up my virtual first grade classroom. This time, I had the practice of perfecting my designs that made them stand out and convert my views into actual sales! I figured out how to convey the value of my products rather than just throwing it up on my site. I learned how to price my work in order to sell to my target market. As I documented my progress, my weekly sales increased from $20 to hundreds! With dedication and a newfound sense of purpose, I turned my passion for teaching into a source of passive income. 

In that transformative year, I earned $10,000 – a testament to the potential that lies within each of us.

Imagine the joy of not just making ends meet but having the freedom to choose how you spend your time. As I continued teaching full-time, the extra income from my digital products allowed me to breathe a little easier, to dream a little bigger.

This is more than a success story; it's an invitation for you to break free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. Together, let's explore the possibilities that teacherpreneurship holds – a journey that not only elevates your financial well-being but also grants you the precious gift of time with your loved ones.

Digital resources are still constantly being searched for by teachers daily! This could be your way of increasing your own income & doing what you love

Join me in this empowering adventure. Let's turn your passion into profit, not just for you but for the families you love.

But maybe you're still unsure of how to design digital learning activities that actually SELL...

Let me show you what my product design looked like when I first started vs. now!

Below are two screenshots from my old Google Slides game. Nothing special.

Now this game is something to be proud of! The choice of fonts, clipart and colors make the design bright and engaging. It has the learning standard labeled. There is a progress bar for students to see how close they are to receiving the reward. The slime even splats at the screen with sound effects to immerse students in the game! Teachers are often stunned that I created this from scratch using just Canva and Google Slides and you can too!

How would you even have the time to create while teaching full-time?

What if... 

  • there was a way to work on your business for just 1-2 hours a day in order to build a library of products to secure monthly guaranteed income?

  • you had templates to fast-track your product creation and stop wasting time searching for the perfect clipart and fonts?

  • you knew exactly where to sell and how to market your digital learning resources to reach your target audience?

  • you learned the system to building a profitable digital product business that allowed you to stay in the classroom that you absolutely adore or replace your current income?

  • you joined a community of like-minded teacherpreneurs who can provide insight, encouragement and accountability to help you ACT on your dreams?
Where would you be 6 months from now?


    A step-by-step course that guides you through creating your own digital learning activities to engage your students and sell for automatic income even as a 


    Level UP Learning will help you create:

    Financial Empowerment

    Gain the skills to create and sell digital learning activities, opening up a new stream of passive income to break free from financial constraints.

    Time Freedom

    Learn efficient strategies to create high-quality resources in less time, allowing for a better work-life balance and more time spent with loved ones.

    Increased Income Potential

    Unlock the potential to earn more money through the sale of digital learning activities, providing financial relief and the opportunity for additional investments.

    Educational Innovation

    Become an innovator in education by creating engaging, cutting-edge digital learning materials that captivate students and fellow educators.

    Expanded Teaching Impact

    Extend the reach of teaching beyond the classroom, impacting students globally through accessible and widely shared digital resources.

    After producing high-quality resources that you're proud of, all you have to do is focus on marketing with great content every week and your sales will increase!

    Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn inside:


    ✨ Why you should focus on digital resources right now

    ✨ What makes teachers and students go crazy over learning games?!

    ✨ The best free and low cost tools I use to sell online to other teachers

    ✨ How to join the Level UP Community for content ideas, motivation, action steps and trending search terms on TPT to maximize your marketing efforts

    Step 1: Target Audience

    Choose appropriate visuals, fonts and task direction when designing for young learners vs. middle school & above

    Explore what is already on the market and gain valuable ideas on the layout and design for your own game

    Step 2: Choose a Learning Goal

    ✨ Find and break down relevant learning standards to create a task for your game

    ✨ Coming up with ideas will no longer take you forever after learning 5 ways to gain inspiration for your game

    Step 3: Choose a Game Type

    ✨ Explore Drag + Drop, Multiple Choice & Adventure Games

    ✨ 25 game ideas you can start creating right away

    Step 4: Write the Task/Storyline

    ✨ Utilize this time-saving hack to write student directions or a storyline using grade-appropriate language

    Step 5: Design Your Game Elements

    ✨ Find high-quality clipart to make your games look professional and polished

    ✨ Step by step self-paced video tutorials to help you design from a blank canvas

    ✨ Find and create your own game buttons to pull it all together

    ✨ Make a Drag + Drop game using just Google Slides

    ✨ Design animated feedback slides that provide automatic self-checking for the student

    Step 6: Transfer Creation to Google Slides

    ✨ How to use the free extension that cuts your time in half when uploading slides as a background

    Step 7: Add Interactivity

    ✨ Try out new ways to make ANY space interactive by adding clickable buttons

    ✨ Discover the hack to keep your players from clicking through your game like a presentation!

    Step 8: Add Audio, GIFs and Video

    ✨ Make your game come to life and fully immerse your players in the experience 

    ✨ Find commercial-use audio and video that's FREE and LEGAL to sell with your game

    ✨ Create a mockup on your slide so the video can be played in a unique way!

    ✨ Did you know you can make your own GIFs on Canva? I'll show you how!

    ✨ Save time by adding pre-made GIFs directly in Google Slides

    Step 9: Test Your Game

    ✨ Avoid the mistakes of missing information or incorrect links by testing your game before delivery 

    Step 10: Publish and Share

    ✨ Automatically deliver your product to customers with ease 

    ✨ Quickly prep your independent practice by sharing your new game with students in under 5 minutes 

    ✨ Marketing strategies that amplify your reach and impact 

    ✨ Content tips to create social media posts that encourage your people to engage and take action 


    ✨ Templates and Guides

    Game templates with commercial use licensing. This means you can recreate and sell this game as your own within minutes!

    15 Cover and Thumbnail templates which allow you to design marketing images for your TPT store or your own site.

    The Font Pairing Guide will help you craft a cohesive design in your learning game. The Key Features Guide is there to provide ideas to highlight the benefits of your games.