Add Home

Inventory is organized into homes, so you must create a home to get started.

  1. Tap the plus icon to create your first home.
  2. Give your home a friendly name, like "My Home".
  3. You can now begin adding inventory items to your home.

Add Items

We recommend that you add items of value or importance to you. For example, you might add your laptop.

  1. Take a photo of it.
  2. Use the Name field to provide a friendly name for the item, such as "MacBook".
  3. Enter the Make, Model and Serial Number if known.

Add More Item Details

You can use the Location field to organize items by room or place. Tap "No Location" to select an existing location or enter the name of a new location in the field below.

You can use the Category field to organize items by category. Each home is populated with a default set of categories which can be customized. Tap "None" to select an existing category or enter the name of a new category below.

Continuing on, you can optionally add Cost, Quantity, Purchase Information and Notes.

    Add Attachments

    Attachments can be used to save receipts, proofs-of-purchases and additional photos of your items.

    To add a document:

    1. Tap Add Attachment...
    2. Navigate to the document and select it.
    3. It will appear in the Attachments list and can be renamed by tapping on the file name.

      Save, Review and Share

      Finally, tap Save to ensure your work is saved!

      As you add more items to your home, you can review the total value and category breakdown by tapping on the Report tab.

      If you would like to share your work with another member of your household, tap on the three dot icon (...) and then Share Home. From this page you can add collaborators.