A Look Into the Year of Possibilities


Personalized Wellness Plan

Perfect for two or individually. The program includes an advanced consultation covering your history, habits, and goals in a comfy and confidential setting with our medical experts who will design a plan that provides support to ensure your success to achieve your goal(s).


Plan Assessments Quarterly

Dedication to staying on plan is the key to success.  We know that with our help and expertise you will understand the way to reach milestones and accomplish your goal.

Continued progress checks, adjustments and encouragement is the key to success.  We are there to help every step of the way.


Milestone Events

Stay motivated throughout your journey as we celebrate your successes with special gifts along the way.  The gifts are tailored to enhance your plan so that your journey is that much easier.  Stay refreshed throughout your way!


Access to Support

Sometimes we need a little encouragement to keep going. It's no
different with your health. That's why we're incorporating a Rise Support Group built so you stay on plan to achieve your goal(s).


Progress Tracking

We track your progress together. Time spent on checking off the milestones is a boost to not only your morale, it encourages the next step in your progress. We spend time helping you succeed on the road to
a healthier intimate lifestyle with your partner.


Progress Discounts

As part of special membership, we will offer exclusive discounts on the best-in-class products and services. This program is only for our "Revitalize Your Relationship Resolution" clients.  We know that once you reach your goal, you'll be excited for more!


1st Choice & Special Access

Throughout the year we will have expert speakers and special panel events. As part of the "Revitalize Your Resolution Group", you will have first choice at the events with a discount or free access. Learn from life and health experts.


Success Showcase

We celebrate you.  Whether in a group or an individual setting, it's your special time to enjoy a reward with the people with which you have entrusted your year long journey.  AND, we couldn't be happier you did it!


No One Like Us!

Rise is a community of Medical Professionals dedicated to providing
confidential and comfortable care focused on the best-in-class services and specialized treatments to enhance intimacy.  We know there are treatment centers that focus on areas such as hormones, weight loss, urology, gynecology, etc.  Rise's focus is on all areas, both physical and mental wellness. 

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