This is more than your basic food and blood sugar log. It takes into account multiple factors that influence your health to help you see patterns and trends from a big picture perspective. It also incorporates some basic principles of intuitive eating, such as listening to your hunger and fullness cues. 

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor I know how eating with gestational diabetes can feel like a chore. I want you to be able to eat in a way that tastes good, feels good, supports your emotional well being AND promotes blood sugar balance. 

What's Included

This really is the ultimate gestational diabetes log sheet out there! 

Foods Eaten

Room for you to include what and when you ate AND rating your hunger and fullness as part of your intuitive eating journey. Plus a descriptive complete Hunger Fullness scale to use as reference. 

Blood Sugar 

Room for fasting and after 3 meal (postprandial) blood sugar readings. You can record if it is 1 or 2 hours after eating based on your lifestyle and goals.


Sleep can make a big impact on fasting blood sugar, and yet most gestational diabetes tracking logs don't include it! Don't worry, it's in this one.


This tracking log includes TWO versions! One version includes room for keeping track of your insulin dose at meals and bedtime so if insulin is part of your treatment plan you can see how it impacts you.


Every day includes space for including other notes about your health. This is a great spot to include things like movement, stress, mood, activities, supplements/medications, etc.

Reflections and Questions

There is also a page for reflections to add your feelings and observations about what is working for you, and a section to include questions to ask your provider.