What's in the 6-Week Money Foundations Webinar Series:

Webinar #1

Introduction to Money Codes

In Week 1 you'll discover: 

- What your money code is and how it's keeping you stuck (this will shock you)

- Why the secret to financial freedom is not to earn more money

- One simple behaviour you can change to reach financial freedom (so you can stop worrying about your future and start living more in the moment!)

Webinar #2

The Enterprise Money Code

In Week 2 you'll discover:

- The surprising reason why most people never achieve financial success

- The four most lucrative markets to target in any business (you'll feel like you've discovered a gold mine)

- How you can infinitely leverage your value so you can get to financial freedom more quickly

Webinar #3

How to Multiply Your Money

In Week 3 you'll discover:

- The best hedge against inflation your money can buy

- Four strategies to grow your money in 2023 & beyond

- How to easily multiply the value of your money so you can spend less time slaving away... and more time doing what you love!

Webinar #4

The Neuropsychology of Money

In Week 4 you'll discover:

- The neuropsychology behind 10X-ing your current money results

- Your biggest obstacle to financial freedom (and how to overcome it)

- How to achieve money success using this advanced yet simple 5-step formula (WARNING: this will literally allow you to achieve whatever you want in your life)

Webinar #5

Your Most Powerful Money Tool

In Week 5 you'll discover:

- The two strategies you need to reach financial freedom (these are as easy as flicking on a light switch)

- Why your mindset is the worst place to start for growing your money - and what to focus on instead!

- How to re-wire your money brain so that you can provide for your family - and generations to come

Webinar #6 

Your Keys to Financial Freedom

In Week 6 you'll discover:

- Why you can never change your subconscious beliefs - and what to do instead

- Learn what really drives your behaviour (so YOU can fully be in control of your life)

- How to align your values for financial freedom so that you can live with inspiration, passion and purpose


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