To the beautiful woman who may be navigating a sense of loss and disconnection from herself,
this book is for YOU.

To the woman who is in the process of unravelling, learning and redefining who she is,
this book is for YOU.

To the woman who is on the quest to reconnect with her authentic self, yearning to uncover her inner strength, and cultivate unshakable self-love, this book is for YOU.

It's for you, the woman seeking to build a deep connected relationship with herself, recognising that the inward journey is what holds the key to true empowerment.

My deepest wish is that this book is the catalyst for profound change and healing. That it guides you to recognize and celebrate the woman that is uniquely and wonderfully YOU. And ultimately, that it inspires you to allow her to shine.

Trust me when I say this, the world needs her magic.

This book is a gift from my heart to yours.

In hindsight, I wasn't aware of it then, but looking back, I can now recognise that my soul has been shaping this book for you over many years.

The quotes within these pages come from my own curated collection, which I've been assembling since embarking on the most transformative chapters of my healing journey in 2020. Each quote in the pages of this book has deeply resonated with me and in some way impacted my healing.

Beyond the transformative power of quotes, daily journaling became a ritual in my healing journey too. And before I knew it, the quotes began steering my reflections, as I held the belief that each quote arrived at the precise moment it was meant to, shining light on areas I could further explore.

Through quotes and journaling I’d discovered a way to connect with something beyond my physical body and mind – this is what I now know to be ‘SELF’.

SELF: your intricate and evolving fusion of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and identity that collectively shapes your unique existence and perspective, it defines your sense of who YOU are and your nature of ‘being’.