Empower Students
with Experiential Learning

Improve engagement in class, teach with service learning, and connect students to their communities.

What is CEEP?

Citizen Entrepreneur Explorers Program

The Citizen Entrepreneur Explorers Program, is a validated experiential learning framework and free OER Curriculum (project in a box).

We’re not just talking textbooks and theory here; we’re diving into practical, hands-on experiences that enhance student engagement, community involvement, and career skills based on NACE career competencies. 

“I'm fearful of taking the next step [as an entrepreneur]. I was constantly thinking of the negative and not the positive. CEEP got me to take that first step.”

-Charisse Williams
Sophomore student, CUNY

Laila, CEEP Student Researcher

Why Choose CEEP?

Special thanks to our new, upcoming, and long-time partners...

Educator Testimonials

CEEP helped my students discover their community & themselves.

- Prof. R. DeNicola

Incorporating CEEP into our curriculum was the best decision! Seeing students actively work with the community has been incredibly rewarding.

- Dr. B. Jones

Student are challenged in new ways by having to leave the classroom and make connections.

- Prof. S. Snipes

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